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And now.. The podcast you have all been desperately not waiting for. Do you want to know the opinions of a couple of random idiot rednecks? NO? GOOD! TURN AWAY. THURNGH A WEIGH. Do you like sports, movies, tv, guns, Trump, Not Trump, Tacos, music, magic the gathering, Jesus, tobacco, beer, iPhones, women, some men in a strictly platonic way, movie reviews, Alex Young, or hats? If you like at least one of these topics.. Then this podcast IS for you. enjoy.
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Merry Chrimbys, Christmas of champions. The clown god was fueling us on this one. Partake in the O' holy glory of the boys being back in action for a season. A season of love and reasoning. A season of blessings and full throbbing constitutes. The festivities have begun.. Enjoy ;)Autor: Overwhelmed and Underproduced
Welcome back y'all! The boys hit the studio and cranked out a banger. We talk about stupid a$$ covid vaccine conspiracies, a robot ran utopia, Neuralink, Crypto currencies, collectible cards and many more wonderful topics. Enjoy at your own risk and may the 4th be with you ;)Autor: Overwhelmed and Underproduced
Its been a while folks! This long-winded beauty of a podcast should be the first of many more with our good friend and special guest Purgy. We dabble in the topics of underrated films, the art of trivia and a deep rant about advertising. Purgy is the owner of the wildly entertaining (sometimes dirty) A&G Productions. Show him some love and follow h…
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