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His story is so compelling there's a movie about him. Special Ops war veteran and former NFL player, Nate Boyer, talks about his Colin Kaepernick connection, burying fellow soldiers, why the military isn't prepared for PTSD, and what he hopes to accomplish with his own film. Contact:…
A middle school teacher calmly tells (on video) his students he's "ethnoccentric" and his race is "superior." How will this play out? 1. He's fired immediately. 2. He's becoming an alt-right rockstar. (It's Texas.) Contact: sales@advertisecast.comAutor: Jeff Ward Show
Democrats have failed enough in Texas, now it's time to try the celebrity route. Guess who's in the "Absurd" category, the "Not Sure They're Democrats, But Why Not," category, and the "Viable" category? Contact: sales@advertisecast.comAutor: Jeff Ward Show
The Texas Governor was re-elected by double digits, but what's most amazing is he won Uvalde County by 22 points. If anybody was going to punish him at the polls it would have been the people of Uvalde, but they didn't. Why? Contact:
Donald Trump is getting blamed for his handpicked candidates losing in the midterms, and he's fighting mad. If it turns into Team Republican v Donald Trump, the trash talk is going to be hilarious because Trump will bring down anybody that disses him. Contact:…
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