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The nationwide chicken shortages is impacting communities all through out America. But no community has been impacted as much as Atlanta has. Chicken wings are apart of our weekly diet here. They are apart of our CULTURE. WingStop is offering chicken thighs now because of the problem...But its not the same. I am calling on all the chicken scientist…
The Rockets basketball team has given the NBA all of its quality players. And it just so happens those players are making a major difference for their teams in this year's NBA playoffs. Those players are making such a major difference that the team that they came from deserve a NBA championship ring too!…
Brady and Scott breakdown key injuries for the Packers vs. Buccaneers NFC championship game. They give their predictions, talk about Patrick Mahome's concussion, and how cold weather might affect the players. Hopefully, we are back next time with a Packer Super Bowl breakdown!Autor: Brady Ament and Scott Coonen
Brady and Scott start with the injuries as they always do. Then they give predictions, players of the week, and hot takes. They briefly dive into some of the other matchups and who they would rather win in the Saints and Buccaneers matchup. We hope you enjoy it!Autor: Brady Ament and Scott Coonen
For more information on concussions visit Scott and Brady break down the week 14 injury report for the Packers game vs. the Lions. They talk about concussions, Rodgers being the MVP, Super Bowl Hopes, and give some Packers Hot Takes.Autor: Brady Ament and Scott Coonen
Brady and Scott start with the significant injuries that can affect the outcome of the Packers week four matchup. Brady and Scott give their players of the week award, and Brady has a big hot take for the Packers potential for this season. Scott brought up a huge turning point in the Packers organization from a failed onside kick recovery a few sea…
Brady and Scott start by discussing Davante Adams and Michael Thomas. They both look to be out during this weekend's matchup. Kenny Clark gets back into action and look for some big hot takes about the Packers wide receivers at the end of the episode!Autor: Brady Ament and Scott Coonen
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