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The informative podcast of global arts and affairs from the perspective of writer, editor, traveler, military veteran and podcaster. Supportive. Instructive. Provocative. Hosted and Produced by Mark Antony Rossi. {IVp6 compatible for emerging markets}
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Again we produced a show detailing the most recent dark uses of language to hurt, deceive or destroy people. * suboptimal judgment * birthing person * chest feeding * non birthing parent * human milk * white fragility * familyAutor: Mark Antony Rossi
Is religious art -- sacred art? Are artists who exclusively create religious work -- sacred artists? Is sacred art really a version of propaganda? This and many questions about the nature of art, humans and religious are posed for review.Autor: Mark Antony Rossi
So much is caught up in Memory -- both Identity and Truth are major factors that pivot on what we remember. I talk about using 30-year-old journals to piece together the past for a painful book.Autor: Mark Antony Rossi
A majority of unhappiness stems from not taking responsibility for one's actions or inaction. We delve into impatience, insecurity, lack of faith, and the time we waste investing in people or places that cannot fulfill our lives.Autor: Mark Antony Rossi
Dr. Thomas Reed Willemain is a former academic, software entrepreneur, and intelligence officer. His flash fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has appeared in Granfalloon (Canada), Hobart, and Burningword Literary Journal. He is the author of the memoir Working on the Dark Side of the Moon: Life Inside the National Security Agency…
It's a real pleasure to welcome to the show, New Jersey-born poet, Michael Adubato who works for NATO and resides in Belgium. We chat about military life, world travel and his first poetry book "Missing the Exit"Autor: Mark Antony Rossi
The presence of pain in our lives can be a fountain of inspiration if we learn to accommodate or navigate its effect on our personality We talk about physical, emotional and psychological instances in the careers of Michelangelo, Munch, Degas, Matisse, Orwell, Klele, Goya and Kahlo.Autor: Mark Antony Rossi
An incredibly educational interview with British/Singaporean writer, author, educator Eva Wong Nava topics include her two books: Open: A Boy's Wayang Adventure The House of Little Sisters (forthcoming Feb 2022) mental illness history universality of creative themesAutor: Mark Antony Rossi
This episode lays out some of the expectations of agents regarding query letters, guidelines, sample chapters and books in general. 1. agents -- need 2. agents -- rules 3. agents -- reality 4. agents --- query 5. agents --- rejection 6. agents -- acceptanceAutor: Mark Antony Rossi
Alexandra Goodwin is a novelist and poet who formerly lived in Argentina before prejudice and political upheaval made it necessary to emigrate to America. Her story of life, literature, and courage is a shining example for young women, especially, to learn and gain inspiration.Autor: Mark Antony Rossi
Tonight we examine fantasy writer / Christian populizer / Irish gentleman, C.S. Lewis Beginnings Space Trilogy WW 1 Family Pact Chronicles of Narnia WW 2 -- Broadcasts Mere Christianity Surprised by Joy Late Life Marriage Death of Wife Non-Linear Path to HappinessAutor: Mark Antony Rossi
A brief overview of good and bad messages sent by Italian characters in American cinema. In this episode they talk about: stereotypes mobsters boxers Jake LaMotta Rocky Robert De Niro The God Father Goodfellas Francis Ford CoppolaAutor: Mark Antony Rossi
This episode is on the phenomena called Dune. Its a book, a saga, a movie, a cable treatment, another movie, comic books, action figures, Facebook discussion groups, you name it. Intro Dune Book 1984 Dune Movie 2000 Cable Dune & Children of Dune Philosophy of Dune Vs Star Trek 2021 Dune Movie Script Issues, Casting Issues, Etc.…
First episode of Mindspeak is a historical and current view of Afghanistan various tribes / history of division buddhist & hindu beginnings alexander the great intro to islam russian invasion taliban / al queda american occupation american withdrawalAutor: Mark Antony Rossi
Heather Cooke. Canadian writer, wrote the essay "Leaving Us: In Loving Memory of Aaron" and the life and premature death of her only son, Aaron. Leaving Us remained #1 on the Top Reader list for Ariel Chart and became is most read nonfiction published work in the history of the journal. May this interview give us strength and courage in the darkest…
In one of our more lengthier episodes I tackle the carelessness of positive writing by pointing out how lighter writing need not be boring, cliched or inconsequential. Intro: Light vs Lightweight Honest Renditions of Nature Inner Life and Family Making Your Subjects RelevantAutor: Mark Antony Rossi
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