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In this episode we talk about Made For Android hearing aids, why haven't we seen them yet and when can we expect them, we also touch on Made For Any Phone hearing aids and what you can expect from the new Phonak Marvel. I also give a brief review of my experiences with the new LiNX Quattro hearing aids…
In this episode I talk about earwax removal drops, specifically using hydrogen peroxide to remove earwax. I also discuss a new product called Earwax MD which seems to be pretty impressive. Let's talk about using earwax removal drops, how they work and how you can use themAutor: Hearing Aid Know
In this episode, I discuss the different hearing aid types and their pros and cons. What is the best hearing aid style for you? Well that depends on a couple of factors, find out what they are and the reliability of different hearing aid styles. You can take a look at the full article on https://www.hearingaidknow.com/hearing-aid-types…
In this episode I investigate the almost magical powers of Hopi Ear Candles, succinctly put, just don't do it. Travel along with me while I discover the amazing and often hilarious powers of burning candles. You can read our original article at https://www.hearingaidknow.com/hopi-ear-candlesAutor: Hearing Aid Know
In this episode I talk about rechargeable hearing aid technology, why it has become so popular and what types of battery pack are available. You can take a look at a deeper article on rechargeable hearing aids at https://www.hearingaidknow.com/rechargeable-hearing-aidsAutor: Hearing Aid Know
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