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Mixtura [On Air] Czwórka - Polskie Radio Niedziela, 23:00 - 24:00 Please do not listen to mix on laptop speakers. You'll miss out on all the goodness. Thank you. For Mixtura♫ I wanted to play a bunch of my favourite tracks of late and represent the range of music that I'm really into. And I particularly chose songs that could stand their own and be played in their entirety, or near enough.
HOUSE HUNTER [POLAND] DJ & PRODUCER Music has always been present in his life. What motivates him the most is Love to music. In a very short period of time he achieved his goals as a profesional Latin American dancer. Thanks to hard work he became a multi champion and took part into many International competitions. It was challenging not only for him but also for his coaches and dance partner. When he grew up, changed his mind and did his best to fulfill himself as a Dj and music producer. B ...
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Co różni osobowość o wszechstronnych zainteresowaniach od osobowości jednej pasji? Jak zbudować satysfakcjonujące życie gdy mamy zbyt wiele zainteresowan, aby wybrac tylko jedno? Gdy ciągnie nas w różne kierunki i nie wiemy na co się zdecydować? Czy to jakaś wada, ograniczenie, które trzeba pokonać?Autor: Joanna Religa
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