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Welcome to Bedtime Stories For Kids
Bexar and Zayne are sitting on the sofa, together with their mom and they are reading their favorite book: Harold and the purple crayon and they are eating a piece of cake that their mom just made. Not just any cake it is a chocolate Chip, double banana, Tripple whipped cream, salted caramel, Strawberry, and red cabbage cake…...

When suddenly there is a sound from the outside. Is it an airplane? No is it a truck? No… what is it? What is this sound? Would anyone recognize this sound?
Of course! It is a helicopter….. The helicopter flies around in circles over the neighborhood and for some reason, it keeps on flying over Bexar and Zayne’s house.
Mom, why is the helicopter flying over our house? Bexar asks… I don’t know, mom says. When the sound of the helicopter becomes louder and louder and .. no way! The helicopter lands in the driveway of Bexar and Zayne’s house…..
Mooom, is landing in our driveway, Zayne says….. and when the helicopter has come to a complete stop. Bexar and Zayne run to the front door to find out what is happening
They open the door, run to the helicopter and Pilot Ruby get out of the helicopter. Hi there, I am sure you must be wondering what is going on… euh, yes! Bexar says. Why are you flying over our house and why did you land in our driveway?
My name is Pilot Ruby, this is my helicopter. I am working for the Forth Worth Zoo, the best zoo in Texas, actually, the best zoo in the United States…. and we had one of our young Zebra’s, called Zoey, escape the zoo and we have been tracking him all the way to Keller, Texas and I think I spotted Zoey the Zebra in your back yard….
There is a Zebra in our backyard? What is happening today? Mom says to herself.
Bexar, Zayne - I am going t need your help to make sure that Zoey the Zebra is safely going back to the zoo. Can you help me with that? Pilot Ruby says.
Yes We Can! - Bexar and Zayne both say.
Ok then here is the plan… Pilot Ruby says. I have called the people from the Zoo and they will be here in 2 minutes with a truck so we can safely transport Zoey the Zebra back to the zoo but we need to find a way to get her inside….
Can we think of an idea on how to do that? Bexar asks. How can we get Zoey the zebra into the back of the Zoo’s truck….
Do you have any food in the house? Pilot Ruby says…. YES! Bexar says…. by any chance any of the following items: chocolate Chip, banana, whipped cream, salted caramel, Strawberry, and red cabbage?
YESSSSS, Zayne, and Bexar both say. Mom just made all of this into a cake….
Wow, that is fantastic. As these are Zoey the Zebra;s favorite snacks so what we can do is to make a trail from the garden to the trailer in hopes that Zoey will just follow the cake and walk into the trailer.
And so they take the cake that mom had made and cut it into 10 pieces and place it from the garden towards the driveway and up and into the trailer…..
Ok, Pilot Ruby says… and now we wait…..
And we wait…… and at first… nothing… but then, suddenly…..
Woaaah, Bexar, and Zayne both whisper…. as from around the corner Zoey the Zebra appears… she has seemed to spot the chocolate Chip, double banana, Tripple whipped cream, salted caramel, strawberry, and red cabbage cake - and is loving it…
And step by step she walks closer and closer and closer to the trailer and the moment she walks into the trailer….. CLOSE THE TRAILER / Pilot Ruby says and the team of animal care takers from the Forth Worth Zoo appear, close the door and prepare the truck to drive back to the zoo
Bexar, Zayne - we could not have done this without you. Mom thank you for making a cake that had just the right ingredients. It was as if you knew Zoey would be in your backyard.
As a thank you and token of our appreciation we would like you give you and your family 1 year of free access to our Zoo. You can come and hangout will of our animals as much as you like
Amazzziiiingggggggggg, Mom can we go this weekend? Bexar asks… ofcourse we can
And Bexar, Zayne and mom go back into the house, back to the sofa, back to reading a favorite book….. and excited for their visit to the zoo this weekend.

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