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Welcome to Bedtime Stories For Kids! Your Kids favourite Sleep Story Podcass
Philipp is in his backyard. He is just hanging out with his older brother Simon and his younger sister Jojo. The 3 of them are playing in the garden as it is a beautiful day to be outside.
Suddenly in the distance a noise appears…. is that thunder? Jojo asks… as the rumble gets louder and louder…. I don't think so, Simon says…. but what could it be? I know what it is, Philipp says. It is a motorcycle and it is coming our way!

You see, Philipp knows because he loves motorcycles. One day he hopes to own his very own and then he would love to go to a racetrack and go super super fast on the motorcycle.
The noise of the motorcycle becomes louder and louder and just as it gets really loud it stops…. Wait, it must have stopped super close to our house. I have to check it out. And Philipp leaves the backyard and walks to the front side of the house…. trying to discover where the motorcycle is when suddenly….
Woah, no way! In the driveway of Philipps house sits the most super awesome motorcycle. Where did this come from? Who does it belong to? Why is it here?
Philipp gets closer to the motorcycle, he inspects it from top to bottom. This is an awesome bike! But why is it here? In my driveway?

When the front door from his house opens and a woman walks out and says: Hi Phillip, my name is Robin the Racer and this is my motorcycle. Would you like to go for a ride?
Oh can I? Philipp asks his Dad. Of Course you can! Just don't do anything crazy and make sure to stay safe at all times.

Then let’s go, Robin the Racer says and she hops on the bike, gives Philipp a helmet and says: Jump on, hold on tight and lets ride….

And just like that, off they go at the end of the street they turn right and they drive off into the distance.

Faster, Faster - Philipp says…. We can't, we have to stick to the speed limit, Robin the racer says. But soon enough they leave the town, pull onto the highway and the motorcycle goes faster and faster….
About 15 minutes they take a left, then a right and then another right….. YESSSSSSS, Philipp yells. He knows exactly where they are going and soon enough a HUGE sign appears that reads: Racetrack
The gates open and Robin the Racer pulls straight through from the road onto the racetrack. She drives the motorycle to the start line where the lights are red: Philipp, are you ready to race! Yes! he says. No, Phillip, ARE YOU READY TO RACE…. / YESSS Philipp says…. then: Lets goooooo
And at that moment the lights turn green and Robin the Racer takes off with full speed and first they go 10 miles per hour then 20, 50, 100 miles per hour…

Woaaah, Philipp yells. This is awesomeeee! Because on the racetrack they get to go super fast. The bike turns left, the bike turns right, the bike goes super super fast the bike has to slow down… it is like a REAL REAL race!
and in exactly 2 minuts and 11 seconds they come back over the finish line when suddenly on ALL The screens it appears: NEW TRACK RECORD!!!!
Wooow, We have a new track record: Robin the Racer and Philipp…… Congratulations!
Oh this is the best day ever!! As they leave the race track and drive back home!
I cannot believe it, Philipp thinks to himself. I am now an official race track record holder and I still have yet to get my driving license… Awesome!

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