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Welcome to Bedtime Stories For Kids, the sleep story podcast your children love!
It is Friday morning and Princess Juliana wakes up. Time for breakfast. He goes down to the breakfast room that is inside her castle where she is greeted by her mom Queen Derisee. What's for breakfast this morning, princess Juliana asks…. This Morning, the cook said.. we are having fried eggs with chocolate sprinkles and cheesy strawberry sauce…..
Yummyyy, Princess Juliana said…. and as she eats her breakfast she suddenly stops eating her chocolate sprinkled cheesy strawberry fried eggs…
Moooooom… where is the puppy? You see, Juliana has a puppy called: Puppy and every morning he greets Juliana at breakfast time but today the puppy isn't there…
Well, I don't know the Queen says….. When princess Juliana gets up and searches through the entire castle…. but the puppy is nowhere to be found. If the puppy is not in the castle then I must search the entire land to find him.

Princess Juliana goes outside in search of her puppy. The first stop is the Bunny forest.. this is the biig forest close to Juliana's castle. It is called the bunny forest as there are over 1000 bunnies living in the forest.
Puppy, Puppyy…. as Juliana walks through the forest she meets Bob the bunny. He is the mayor of the bunny forest. Mayor Bob the Bunny, have you seen my puppy? He is missing… I am so sorry, I have not but we will look out for him if he walks through the bunny forest…..
So Princess Juliana keeps on walking through the land. Where she stumbles upon the land of the lambs. This is a place where all the little lambs go to play and have fun! Juliana meets with Lilly the little Lamb and asks: Have you seen my puppy? He has seemed to have left the castle and I cannot find him anywhere…..
Lilly the little lamb says… I haven't seen him but let me check with Mary…. Mary checks with all of her little lambs but none of them have seen princess Juliana’s puppy….
Princess Juliana decides to make her way back to the castle. When on her way home she comes across a sign on the side of the road that reads: Puppy Land
Oh, she thinks to herself…. is THIS was Puppy is? Surely it must be… She turns left and soon enough puppyland appears…..: Puppyland looks like a themepark, carnival but just for puppies. It is puppy heaven… and as Princess Juliana walks inside she is surrounded by not 1, not 2 but over 50 of the most cute adorables puppies…. big puppies, small puppies, cute puppies, even cuter puppies….: oh I love puppyland, Juliana thinks to herself.
Now, how can I find my puppy? She thinks as there are soo many puppies around.
Oh I know, Princess Juliana thinks to herself as the looks around and tries to find the highest spot inside puppyland: She finds a tower, and climbes 100 stairs to get to the top. This way she has an amazing view of puppyland and all the puppies playing inside…. next she remembers that her puppy loves chocolate chip cookies and as she looks around the tower there happens to be a little bakery inside….. oh, can I have 100 of your best chocolate chip cookies?....
Juliana then takes the cookies and stars to place 1 chocolate chip cookie on each of the 100 stairs that leads up the tower… that way her puppy will just follow the chocolate chip cookies all the way up top …. and soon enough Juliana can hear someone or something coming up the stairs…..
Puppyyyyyyyy, she yells…. and her puppy comes running straight into her arms and she gives her puppy the best cuddles ever…….I have searched all the land for you, Princess Juliana says… I will take you to puppyland anytime you want, I am soo happy to have found you again….

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