What does it actually take to find 1,000 True Fans? with Matt Madden


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What does it actually take to find 1000 True Fans?

Seriously, where are they hiding?

Your work is amazing.

You’re constantly promoting on social media.

You already know that your creative business isn’t bringing in the kind of money you need...especially in a reasonable time frame.

So, why is that?

Finding a thousand people willing to spend $100 on your one-of-a-kind work should be easy. I mean, you probably have more followers than that on Instagram, or at least it’s easy to imagine finding them.

But for some reason, your creative business is barely paying the bills, let alone bringing in six-figures. Something isn’t adding up.

"Whatever you're doing now that isn't working...It isn't going to magically start working."

In this episode, Matt and I do a lot of debunking.

We get specific about the flaws in the popular 1000 True Fans theory. Where and why does this seemingly straightforward model break down?

We also unpack the false assumption that mass-marketing is the only way to build a sustainable business.

It’s not. It’s an exhausting, full-time job, and chances are, you already have one of those.

We explore the fallacy that social media is built to help us get the word out about our work. On the contrary, we look at how it’s constructed to take advantage of your free labor, and basically never let you out of its claws.

Finally, we explore what *does* work — not a one-size-fits-all model, but strategies designed to meet and respect your needs.]

About Matt Madden:

Matt Madden is a cartoonist, teacher, and translator known for his playful experiments with comics form, a practice that led Ed Park of The New York Times to dub him, “the stuntman-philosopher of American comics.” His most recent graphic novel, Ex Libris, came out from Uncivilized Books to rave reviews at the end of 2021.

His best-known book is 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style, his comics adaptation of Raymond Queneau’s Exercises in Style. His other recent works include the comic books Drawn Onward and Bridge. He has been living in Philadelphia since 2016. Follow Matt on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

More from this episode...

- Jessica and Matt examine the obvious, and the hidden flaws in the 1000 True Fans theory.

- What are conversion rates and how can knowing yours help you set realistic marketing goals?

- Jessica breaks down the daunting math behind growing a large customer base.

- How to bend the math in your favor by raising your pricing and adjusting your offer.

- One reason independent creatives struggle with marketing: "Nobody’s talking about how much of a job it is.”

- “The job of the algorithm is to keep people on the platform...It's not to help you build your business.” — Why promoting your work on social media can feel frustrating and ineffective.

- What are some practical options for creating a sustainable business, without relying on mass-marketing or becoming an influencer?

- Why all the creative work you've done in the past still matters, even after making a pivot.

- Jessica announces the Incubator, her brand new coaching program designed to help creatives build a business around their needs.

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