mBIT Massage with Nikki Webb #7


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mBIT Massage

mBIT Massage

Nicole has been a professional health ally for 16 years; involving

She has a passion for seeing her clients reach wellness beyond removing the pain their experiencing, assisting them to truly own their process through the massage itself.

For her clients, as an extension of what she offers, Nicole runs monthly mindfulness meditation circles.

As well as running her busy home clinic in Greensborough, Nikki is the co-Founder of the mBIT Massage Certification program, and she passionately facilitates workshops and trainings based on the field of both mBIT and mBIT Massage.

In conjunction with practising massage and facilitating workshops on personal development and massage, Nicole has ensured to keep up her studies and has acquired a number of certifications.

She regularly meets with fellow massage and myotherapy colleagues to keep up to to date with advanced massage techniques and anatomical ailments. Nicole is presently accredited with AAMT.

Nicole is also very proud to say that her business has been almost solidly built upon word of mouth, which is a clear reflection on the passion that she has for this incredible craft.

Nicole is also a mother of two young children, and believes in the value of balance; something every mother and father needs to always be in check to do. She deeply believes that taking regular time out for massage is a great way to do this

Find out more at www.evolvemyotherapy.com.au


00:19 Introduction
02:52 Nikki Webb on a daily basis
05:39 Reiki method
10:50 Behavioral patterns
14:56 Types of Kinesiology
17:54 mBIT massage
22:19 What happens in a course
25:17 What mBIT brings
31:10 What’s next for mBIT massage


Intro 0:04 You're listening to The mBraining Show, a show about the new field of ambit, where you'll get a blend of neuroscience based research with practical applications for wise living. And now, here's your host, Bill Gasiamis. Introduction Bill 0:19 Hello, everybody and welcome to another episode of The mBraining Show. Today live in mBraining show international headquarters, we have a very special guest. And before I go and introduce my guest, I just wanted to read a little bit about Nikki and give you a bit of an idea of the type of person she is and the amazing work that she does. Bill 0:46 So my guest Nikki Webb has been a professional health ally for 15 years, involving integrative therapeutic massage, remedial massage, reiki touch for health, kinesiology, and life coaching using mBIT, multiple brain integration techniques, as well as practicing mBIT massage. Bill 1:09 She has a passion for seeing her clients reach wellness beyond removing the pain they're experiencing assisting them to truly own their process through the massage itself. Bill 1:22 As well as running her busy clinic in Greensboro, Nikki is the co founder of the mBIT massage certification program that she developed with Grant Soosalu and she passionately facilitates workshops and trainings based on the field of both mBIT and mBIT massage. Bill 1:42 In conjunction with practicing massage and facilitating workshops on a personal development and massage. Nikki has insured to keep up her studies and has a quite a number of certifications, which and she regularly mates with fellow massage my therapy colleagues to keep up to date with advanced massage techniques and anatomical ailments. Bill 2:06 Nikki is presently accredited with the AAMT. And mBIT International. Welcome to the program, Nikki. Nikki 2:16 Thank you, Bill. Thanks for having me. Bill 2:18 Oh, you're welcome. Thanks for being live in studio today. Nikki 2:21 It's really exciting. Bill 2:22 You're the first guest that I've had live in the studio because everyone else lives in interstate overseas. Nikki 2:27 Yeah, that's the benefit of living so close. Bill 2:31 It's all good. So Nikki there is a pretty interesting stuff that I hear you do on a day to day basis. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Let's not do that I was born in 19, whatever. But let's talk about just a little bit about what you're passionate about talking about what you do on a day to day basis. Nikki Webb on a daily basis  Nikki 2:52 Where I find that I'm so passionate. And I find my Zen is that when I'm working in my clinic, and in my clinic, that's where I do predominantly massage. And massage is threaded throughout remedial massage. It's threaded through my therapy, and sort of through integrative massage techniques as well. Nikki 3:12 So the connection that I find that I can connect with people when they're on the table is pretty awesome. And it's pretty powerful. And the entrainment that happens in the room where I can see a person go in the massage space is pretty powerful. And I really, really love holding that space for a person for a client when they come in. Nikki 3:32 So it starts to become not about the massage, it becomes about that space that people enter. When they're when they're balanced there on the table. They're not quite at the sleep stage. And they're not quite at full awake stage. They're just in that in between zone. And that is the very thing that I like to cultivate. I like to hold that space for. Bill 3:54 Yeah, I've been to a few massage therapists in my time as well, especially when I've done something silly and mucked up my back or something. And it really is kind of like a meditation almost. And it's one way or I don't have to do the work where somebody else does the meditation kind of work for me and I just going to sit there and be and be pampered. Yes. That's kind of what it sounds like. Nikki 4:16 Yeah, absolutely. And that space is, is very easy to enter. And because massage is predominantly something that people know about. And they think Well, good luck. Well, not so good. I've hurt my back, I put my knee or put my shoulder I must go see a massage therapist. Nikki 4:34 And they start to find that it becomes a lot more than just having treatment to their shoulder or the knee their back. They start to know and notice what it's doing for their emotional state, what it's doing to their mind, their mental state, as well. Nikki 4:49 And then incorporating that into a regular regime into their lives is just starting to become quite powerful. And it's about taking themselves to that place. I really do believe in Get themselves to that place. I'm facilitating that, right? I'm just holding that space for people to enter. Bill 5:05 Right? You're making it sounds like you make a safe space. Yeah, give people the opportunity to kind of express themselves in a way that they can do but not necessarily elsewhere, for example, you know, they might not feel comfortable being sort of zoned out or in another place, is that right? Nikki 5:24 That's right, it becomes a socially acceptable type of modality that you go to, to have a regular massage. And as you say, it's about being pampered too. It also becomes a lot deeper than that. Reiki method Bill 5:40 Tell me a bit about Reiki because I've heard a lot about Reiki, I don't know a lot about it. And I've had a number of Reiki sessions, which are pretty amazing. And, but but it's a little different to massage because in Reiki, my experience at least was that I was almost in some kind of a hypnotic state and waking up from it, you know, was really amazing and 45 minutes or an hour goes really, really quickly. Yeah. Tell me about what got you into Reiki? Nikki 6:11 Okay, well, what got me into Reiki is it I knew that I wanted to work one on one with people. And I knew that I was always into energy, I was always into crystals in personal development. In fact, it's a very thing that that really started my path was when I was 16 years old, the person who guided me there with introducing me to Louise Hays positive affirmations, was also a Reiki Master. Nikki 6:36 So the seed got planted. And I found that I really wanted to to learn Reiki and I followed my intuition and found a great Reiki Master called Gillian moxham. And highly recommend her she's in Melbourne and in Milan, as well. And I learned how to do Reiki and to get have access to the Reiki and I learned that Reiki was just about tapping into what we already are, but to amplify it. Nikki 7:02 So became a Reiki in a nutshell represents universal lifeforce energy. And anyone that learned Reiki is basically able to tap into a little bit more of that universal lifeforce energy becomes a bit like a laser light of that energy, we all have it, we all made up with it rocks, trees, rivers, people. Nikki 7:20 And so as with the Reiki healings, you're right, it absolutely does go so quickly into into such a state, and a beautiful hypnotic state. But that said, they could also change any, every session is very, very different. And the beautiful thing that I learned from doing Reiki 16 years ago now is something I did in the very first, my very first modality now like before I even like massage, is that you really are holding that space. Nikki 7:49 As a Reiki practitioner, we learnt very quickly, you cannot guide that energy to go anywhere or direction, analyze it, you just offer that that healing energy through your hands, you just offer. And you learn that the highest of the highest self of that client is taking the energy where it needs to go. And also learning that the client can also direction wise where their healing is. So you both almost have to get out of the way. So that the energy can be facilitated and go where it needs to go. Bill 8:21 Wow, that's really interesting, because I remember going to one of my Reiki sessions and saying, I want it to be about this. And the person that was guiding me through that said, well, we'll let it be what it whatever it's gonna be about. That's right. And I didn't really understand what she was talking about. Bill 8:39 And I see this pattern emerging in that you're talking about holding space for people rather than, you know, you having an idea of what they want, or what they need, or what they should get. Yeah. So very different to my sort of thought about what Reiki or massage was about, I thought that I go there. Bill 8:59 And I get you guys to help me do what I did. Which is you know, I want this outcome, get me this outcome. And you're saying it's not about that outcome, it's about something else sometimes that we're not aware of. Nikki 9:12 That's right. And look, what you're saying is absolutely true, you can still get that outcome. And a lot of people work that way, including myself, the passion that I have for this kind of field is that essence is that holding space, in that that zone that people into, so I'll still work on their shoulder, I'll still work on this or back off, still work on their neck and help to release whatever they need to have released. Nikki 9:33 But in that moment when they are entering that space, is how I can support them, for them to journey within themselves. So that they can shift if they're ready to shift some things that can be quite powerful in the patterns that they might be holding themselves in doing the pain in the first place. Bill 9:50 Right. Okay. Awesome. I like that. I like the way you explained that, you know, in them doing their pain. Yes. So what you're saying And forgive me for being myself is that we potentially sometimes do our own things and run our own patterns that cause pain. And as a result of that, if we're not aware of what we're doing, we could be continuously causing pain. And there is a way to get rid of that. Nikki 10:18 Absolutely. So remedial massage, whilst it amazing, and it's a great modality if you actually break down that the wording and what the words mean remedial is, is is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, even though you know, the Titanic is about to sink. Nikki 10:38 So it's creating change, you walk away from a remedial massage and your back feels awesome. And your neck feels off on whatever you came in for. But at the end of the day, deep change hasn't really occurred. Behavioral patterns Nikki 10:50 As you said, you go back out into the world and you start doing those same patterns, again, same behavioral thought patterns that create behavior patterns that create how your posture is that create all sorts of, and then the pain, you'll start to find can start to come back again. Nikki 11:06 What I have found in the 15 years, I've been doing this as I keep coming back to in that space that people enter if we can journey within that space, and discover what it is that they are doing to cause that pain, how they're doing that pain, and start to shift that Now it could be as simple as them really deeply realizing that there might be something that they need to let go off. Nikki 11:32 And once that starts to happen, and start to shift how they might feel in their bodies, they might start to feel even lighter in their bodies, or it starts to change their posture, they walk out into the world, their posture change, the way they start doing things change, and the pain is more likely to stay away. Bill 11:48 Right. Okay yeah, that sounds very familiar. So in a previous business, that I used to run a property maintenance company, I would be regularly going to a chiropractor or massage therapist to somebody to fix the same thing. Bill 12:01 Yep, that I was there a month, for a month ago, and a month before that, because I kept going back and lifting the heavy things I wasn't supposed to be lifting or not being careful about the way I was lifting them, and causing the same harm to my back or to you know, a part of my body. Bill 12:17 So it sounds like a remedial massage is a good sort of short term, way to overcome some pain and suffering. It seems like it also for me, supported me long term in that it felt really good to get a massage. Nikki 12:31 Absolutely and that is where we start that is the essence it's it become about the back doesn't become about the neck as it becomes about what it's doing for you on a mental level on an emotional level. And it's an it when you give yourself permission to explore that. In that that is pretty cool. When you give yourself permission to sit in that space to be in that space. Learn in that space. Things start to shift in a really cool way. Bill 12:59 So tell me what's the difference between massage and myotherapy? Because I noticed here that you also run myotherapy. Nikki 13:07 Cool. Yeah, absolutely. I am my therapist, my therapist, we work a lot with a lot more bells and whistles than a regular remedial massage therapist, that said, we're neither we're not saying that we're any better than remedial massage therapists. In that sense. There are amazing remedial massage therapists out there, or massage therapists out there. Nikki 13:28 And you know, it's about the connection you do find in the rapport you find with that person. And my therapist will go to school for a little bit longer and they will learn a lot more about anatomy in in the body as well as well as exercise prescription as well as nutrition also learn how to do dry needling as well, and copying and you see the use of the 10s machine. So we've got a lot more bells and whistles to be able to manage pain dysfunction. Bill 13:55 A few more distinctions about the things around how else to support somebody who's sort of experiencing some issues. Nikki 14:04 Absolutely. And predominantly, a lot of massage techniques are used in a my therapist treatment as well. Or you could it depends on on what floats your boat, you might want to call it soft tissue manipulation, as well. But at the end of the day, we we do still connect with a person we put our hands on the person as well in the way of utilizing a whole bunch of different amazing techniques to release you from the pain. Bill 14:31 Yeah, awesome. Okay. So you can probably tell I'm a bit of a mess, edge health, you know, make me feel better junkie, because I've done all of the things that you have said you have done as well as kinesiology. I've been to a kinesiologist and I really found that one of the most fascinating especially as centers, it's a really good diagnostic tool to find out. Types of Kinesiology Bill 14:56 Where things are not right in the body which was strange to me. To experience that from a kinesiologist but also then I noticed that my chiropractor uses kinesiology also to diagnose before he starts working. Yes. On my body. So tell me a little bit about kinesiology. Nikki 15:17 Kinesiology that you mentioned two different kinds of Kinesiology and chiropractic, we'll use apply kinesiology, which is very different to touch for health kinesiologist or kinesiologist that uses what you said as a way of diagnosing things that are happening in your body. Nikki 15:35 So they are actually it's very important to distinguish that they are actually quite different from each other. So can etiology is is a great modality. And it uses basically in a nutshell, muscle testing, so your muscles will switch on or switch off, depending on what they're testing for. So in an E, to explain kinesiology, from in the words is very, very tricky. Nikki 16:02 The best thing you can do for yourself as a gift to yourself, you haven't experienced Kinesiology and don't understand what it is even through reading it, or listening to this, don't have one, you just go and have one. And that's the best way to experience it. And a chiropractor that uses kinesiology, it's it's fantastic as well. So that bearing in mind that there are different types of Kinesiology. Bill 16:28 I would definitely recommend for people to go and try at least one time any one of these different modalities because there might love one of them more than the others. And that's what I sort of did offer. I'll try them all and see which one I love the best. But turns out I like them all. Bill 16:43 So it hasn't stopped me from going back again and again and against all these people. So it's been great. So you and I are great mates. We've known each other for a little while now. And I've never known any of those things about you and about all the different modalities. Bill 17:01 So I'm glad we had the opportunity to have this chat. But I think one of our coffees next time should be about this kind of stuff as well, because this is way more interesting than some of the other stuff we talked about, like you know why their tree doesn't look right, etc. Nikki 17:15 But we love our tangents we know that. Bill 17:18 We do love going on a tangent. So one of the things that sort of brought you and I together that has had us sort of working together as well is the amazing multiple brain integration techniques. And typical you you took something that was amazing already. And with Grant Soosalu, you found another way to make it even more amazing. Bill 17:43 And I haven't really had an opportunity to stick my head in to one of your other trainings, but we do co facilitate in Melbourne. Yes, our coach certification, and you do awesome work there. mBIT massage Bill 17:54 And we have amazing responses from the people that come in lately about how fantastic mBIT coach certification is. But mBIT massage. Tell me a little bit about mBIT massage. How did that even come to be? Nikki 18:12 Okay. And that's a question that comes up time and time again, people do wonder how did that become something that could even. So in my clinic, as we know, I've been doing this for 15 years, and the very essence that I really like to do is to hold space for that person. Nikki 18:30 What I found when I learned in bed was that we could access that particular space that we have for people where we we use the breathing techniques, and we get them into their heart space, and we get them to explore what's going on within their body. So I found that it really resonated with what my deep passion was in why I liked doing massage in the first place. Nikki 18:54 I bought that back into the clinic. And I offered it to as many massage clients as I could. And I found that shifts that were occurring in my in my clients lives were incredible. I would be getting calls months after an embracing session that they would have while they were having massage. And they will just say, I don't know what you did that day. Nikki 19:15 But things have changed. It's been amazing, right? So I started seeing this pattern and I was just blown away as blown out of the water. Of course, why wouldn't I be also resonated with it? It was wonderful. What I noticed is the colleagues in my massage field, were interested in what I did, but because they are kinesthetic and because the work that they do is bodywork. Nikki 19:41 They weren't necessarily keen on learning to become a coach, as a coach and then bit coach where they would have to verbally to a session. So I started saying Oh, but if I'm getting all these changes in my clinic, and they are amazing and the positive to helping people's lives and other people need to be doing this. Nikki 20:03 Yeah. But if they're not interested in learning a verbal modality, how can we introduce me to these guards, rattlesnakes, and therein became the course in bit method certification program. Yeah, that became a bridge of both in bit coaching and massage morphed into one, right? Nikki 20:22 Where it's a little bit of verbal coaching, but you can cheat, you can use it a little or as much as you like all that, but you learn other techniques of that, of that holding space for a person to journey within themselves to journey within their heart, their head, their gut, while they're in that zone, in massage, when they're having a massage or experiencing a massage. Nikki 20:47 That space that not quite asleep space, but still awake, when you guide them and hold space and intuitive, but then to explore what they have saying what they got saying what the head saying, then, really amazing shift start to occur, right. Nikki 21:04 So that's why I really felt like I needed to create that training, because I needed to breach for the massage therapist that I knew would make amazing would do amazing changes in their clients lives as they already are. But to do even more amazing stuff. How was I going to make it a course that's going to be beneficial for them? Yeah. And linking with them and resonate with them? Bill 21:29 Yeah, so I became really curious, especially when, because I know you quite well, and I knew you're working with grant on this. So I thought I'd pop my head in to that first training that you ran in Melbourne, back in June in June of 2015. And I noticed that, in that training, you guys had massage tables in there. Bill 21:56 And I wanted to be part of this training, because I figured, you know, some massage as a bonus to a training. That could be great, you know, great way to sort of really experience the training. But anyhow, that's just me saying, you know, a good way to get a free message. But tell me a little bit about what happens in a course why the massage table is there. What's it all about? What happems in a course Nikki 22:21 So what happened in the course is that we learn over the very similar to day one of Kosar way, we really do explore the neuroscience that backs up that we have these very brains in our body. So we we go through the training in respect to that on day one. Nikki 22:39 But there are a lot of hands on practical exercises in the course as well on the way of, of how the nervous system that autonomic nervous system comes into play in for a client, because often in massage courses, we just touch base on autonomic nervous system. Because obviously, the muscular system is the predominant system that massage therapists will be working with. Nikki 23:04 But we learn about all the other systems, of course, but it's not really gone into depth on the course you do. So we do explore the autonomic nervous system and the power of your autonomic nervous system when it comes to electro dermal touch, which means hands on the body, and how that affects a body's balance in my nervous system as well. Nikki 23:27 And what it all means. So we do a lot of hands on practical stuff as well. And then we it's a three day course. So day two and three, we are unpacking the the roadmap in the way of how that can benefit and be morphed into a massage. Bill 23:42 So when we talk about the roadmap, what does that mean? Nikki 23:45 The roadmap is something that we use as a guideline for a in bit coaching session. The most important thing about this course is that it doesn't replace any massage already. Do. You bring your massage skills, right as a massage practitioner no to this course. And then we unpack that and we flesh it out. And we we morph it into with the ambit and the mbit massage techniques. Bill 24:14 Yeah. So it's what we tell people as well that have done NLP or any other sort of coaching modality, this doesn't replace anything. It adds just a real beautiful sort of extra tool to the toolkit. Nikki 24:24 Absolutely. Absolutely an amazing toolkit that that we've been having continual beautiful feedback from the people with that course. Yeah, of how much it's really benefiting them and their clients as well. Yeah, in that message. Yeah. Bill 24:39 Okay. And so we know a couple of people that have run that have been in your course that will also in some other courses that we ran together. Yeah. And I really found it interesting talking to them because they give me a very different point of view about what it has been into their lives. So I'm curious, as a trainer, as a coach, and as somebody who has been coached by an mBIT Coach, what has mBIT brought into your life? Because I've never asked you that question what has it done for you? What mBIT brings Nikki 25:17 mBIT has enabled me to directionalize how I might want to respond to different things in my life. If I'm a bit confused about something, I will do an mBIT session on myself or get some coaching done. And I come out of every single session with such clarity, such a knowing date within myself on what I need to do next. Nikki 25:44 Another thing that ambit has done and it keeps evolving, and emerging is that sense of, of sitting with What is consciousness and mindfulness in bit I find is another beautiful gateway to be able to do mindfulness in in your life, as well. And not get too attached to stories, or monkey mind chatter. Nikki 26:07 That's really important. Because we can, we can box ourselves with those things with ourselves in a little box that we don't need to be in. We can expand beyond that. mBIT has really, really done some amazing, powerful things for me as I've the more and more I tap into the toolkit, the more and more I get coaching, receive coaching. No, it just gets better and better. It's not a sense of a of a destination, it really is a journey. Right? We we then be using that as a toolkit. Bill 26:41 So have you had the opportunity to somebody to do an mBIT massage with you, as in you're the client and somebody mBIT messaging you? Nikki 26:49 I have, absolutely incredible space, because one of the things that I found with challenging doing the embed message is, whilst I knew what it was all about, whilst I knew what I was cultivating and co co developing with grant so easily, and knew what my intentions were for this course for the outcomes. Nikki 27:10 And what we were playing with, with that space of holding that space for that person while they're in that zone. The tricky thing was, I still hadn't experienced it until after I gave delivered the training. So and that beautiful feedback because I kept getting beautiful feedback about how amazing this was, I knew I was on the right track. Nikki 27:29 So took about a month after the course that was to finally deliver that I finally received my first ambit message. But the irony is, I actually would do a bit on myself through any message as well. And that's why I was able to directionals certain things in the ambit massage course, he was able to actually research it myself. Nikki 27:49 And also ask other people to action research in May clicks. So there was a little bit of a ground, a ground there a team working on this as well in the background of colleagues that are also in bit coaches as well, who trained with us. Bill 28:03 So that's excellent. It's good that the founder, the co-founder of the mbms edge course, had the opportunity to actually experience it as well. Because I know sometimes you know, even with myself as an mBIT coach, I do a lot of coaching. Sometimes I forget that I need to be coached as well, because I'm not perfect either. Believe it or not. Nikki 28:25 Ah, no. Isn't it like the mechanics car they often the last car they get serviced. Bill 28:34 Yeah. And the painters house is never painted. This house is never built. Nikki 28:38 That's right. And so this is really important with always work on ourselves. always hold that space for ourselves. If we can't even if we can't get to a coach or do get some coaching we have the tool kits that we can tap into. Bill 28:51 Yeah. So tell me who is this course for? I know it's for people that aren't massage people but can anyone turn up? Nikki 28:58 No with the mBIT massage, it really is imperative that you do have your massage qualification already under your belt. Ideally, it's for the minimum requirement ideally is remedial massage therapists. So it's different levels of massage, of qualifications there there cert for massage, there's also remedial massage and you have my therapy, then you have your bachelor, as well. Nikki 29:25 So ideally remedial is ideal. The only reason why I say that is because one of the things we do in the course is that we work very, very closely with the staircase of learning. So I go into it now. But basically what it means is you need to have that experience behind you so that you can bring what you're unconsciously doing so well. Nikki 29:48 In your unconscious, bring it into your conscious mind, bring what you do to hold that space, how you're doing it, bring it back into conscious mind in the training space and we flesh it out right And then you can be even better at what you do. So, yes, so it's not even it's not for not just anyone can turn, right. Bill 30:09 So it's about so it's about the people turning up having some knowledge of what they're doing well, so that they can enhance it and do it even better. That's right. So it's not just being naturally gifted and being able to do something well, and getting great results, but knowing how to duplicate that force for every person that so for example, comes to your, your clinic. Nikki 30:28 Yeah, that's right. Yeah. So it's, we've just found that, um, we've, we've had a couple of students come through, and they've done had been done some amazing things with it, because they were nearly finished with their their deployment as well. The response from people who have been in the industry for 1015 years plus has been incredible as well. Nikki 30:51 So it's a very vast range of people that can come through. But yeah, it's about as a massage therapist, how do you really want to hold space for a person for them to explore their client to really deeply change the way that they're doing their pain, their pain in the first place. What's next for mBIT massage Bill 31:10 Yeah. All right. Sounds awesome. So tell me a little bit about where to next for the course, I know that you're at the moment running, or you've run it and you're going to run it in Melbourne? What are your plans for it? Nikki 31:23 Well, the plan is to take this globally, of course, we have another Melbourne training, running next year, in April. And then we do plan to take this over to New Zealand in at some stage in 2016, as well. And then by the end of 2016, early 2017 would be really great to bring it over to the UK. Nikki 31:46 And then anywhere else that would also like to to hold it as well. And over time, we'd like to have a bit of a community going of massage practitioners. And if there are practitioners that want to learn how to deliver this kind of training, that's the next step beyond there. Bill 32:04 So Nikki, if somebody wanted to find out how to get in touch with you, or where to get a little bit more information for the massage program, where would they go? Nikki 32:16 Well, they would go to evolvemyotherapy.com.au. I understand you'll be putting the details up here. So they can do that. And they can there's an email address that they can contact me if they're in Australia, there's also a contact number that they can contact me as well. Nikki 32:35 And also, there is some details on in writing comm as well in a tab because it's co-founded with Grant Soosalu. Yeah, so you will find some details there. So yeah, so you can go to evolvemyotherapy.com.au Bill 32:52 Yes. Okay. Sounds great. Now, just before we wrap up, so if I'm not a massage therapist, which no I'm not, I'm not even a beginner. How am I gonna come to the course and experiencing all that amazing massage for free? Nikki 33:10 I'm sure Bill we'll be able to work something out. Bill 33:13 Do they need like a crash test dummy or somebody to do some work on you know? Nikki 33:17 Well look at the moment they work on each other. But you know, you never know you're lucky we'll work something out. Bill 33:26 Awesome. Well, Nikki, thank you so much for coming to the studio that my very first live guest in the studio. And being part of the program. I really do appreciate it. And I wish you all the best for whatever's coming up for you in the future. And keep up the amazing work that I definitely do know that you're doing with mBIT massage. And I look forward to the next opportunity to run an mBIT coach certification with you in Melbourne? Nikki 33:58 Yes, which I believe is February, in 2016. Bill 34:03 So thanks again and all the best. Nikki 34:06 Thank you. And Bill, I also want to say thank you for running this beautiful, awesome radio show. I love it. Bill 34:12 You're welcome. I actually also love it. You know why? Because I get to learn things about people who I've known for a long time. And I asked him questions that I never asked before. And it's taken my you know, experience with them and my relationship with them to the next level. It's been really fascinating. Bill 34:29 And I've met people from, you know, different parts of the planet, some study to grow a amazing community. And I just love bringing the type of information that they that these awesome people have to share to others so others can learn. Bill 34:43 And really, that's what this show is about. So thanks for helping me, you know, do the part of the show that I love doing which is bringing amazing people and amazing things to so many others out there. Nikki 34:54 Thanks, Bill. Bill 34:56 All right. That's it for now. Thanks, everybody. For Listening to another episode of The embracing show. I really hope you enjoyed this show. And hope you tune in for the next episode of The embracing show by now. So How good was that, combining the already amazing field of massage and a very different field of mBIT into mBraining message. Bill 35:21 I've actually known Nikki for two years now. And we've worked together a fair amount. And I discovered some things about her that I didn't know, which really does demonstrate what a difference it makes when we spend some time to really listen and create space for people to share and open up. Bill 35:40 So that brings us to the end of another episode of The mbraining show. And if you're living in a country that does not currently have an mBIT coach certification being run, and you would like to attend a course in your hometown. Please do get in touch and let's have a chat about how we might make it possible to run an mBIT coach certification in your hometown. Bill 36:04 Go to www.thembrainingshow.com and fill out the contact form and I will be in touch. Also, if you'd love to have a speaker at your next event, to talk about him raining. Visit billgasiamis.com. That's my personal website once again, fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch to see how we can make that possible. So until the next time, thank you so much for listening to The mBraining Show and tuning into mBIT radio. Bye now! Intro 36:45 The presenters and special guests of this podcast intend to provide accurate and helpful information to the listeners. These podcasts can not take into consideration individual circumstances and are not intended to be a substitute for independent medical advice from a qualified health professional. Intro 37:03 You should always seek the advice from a qualified health professional before acting on any of the information provided by any of the transit lounge podcast. This has been a production of the mbrainingshow.com check us out on Facebook and start a conversation at facebook.com/mbrainingshow. Intro 37:23 Subscribe to each show on iTunes and check us out on Twitter. The mbraining Show we'd like to acknowledge and thank mBIT International for their support with the show wants to know more about mbraining visit www.mbraining.com. For more episodes go to www.thembrainingshow.com

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