005: Long Covid. Fact or Fiction


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Welcome to Podcast Five in Your Panic Free Life Series.

Hello, I’m Annie Roy-Barker, founder of Your Panic Free Life.

Research is on-going into the cause of Long Covid. So far, not so good. I understand that no answer has yet been found for what causes Long Covid.

Let’s investigate the facts:

First, a significant number of people are suffering with a problem that has been given the name of Long Covid. That’s a fact.

The second fact is that the problem always manifests itself after the virus, Covid-19, has gone. It’s waved goodbye, it’s left the body, it’s gone looking for another victim.

The third fact is that research has not yet found what causes Long Covid; why only some people succumb to it whilst others have no after affects from the Covid-19 virus.

Here come another couple of very valuable facts. The symptoms of Long Covid vary from person to person and symptoms can attack any organ in the body.

It’s the last two facts that have the ability to change Long Covid from fact into fiction. Now, I’m not suggesting that Long Covid is actually fictional. What I am suggesting, is that another illness actually presents with comparable symptoms.

So, here’s the thing. It’s highly likely that the illness now known as Long Covid actually existed way before the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores. The illness I’m referring to is known as Chronic Habitual Hyperventilation Syndrome. (HVS for short). And HVS often follows flu or, indeed, a virus or illness of any kind. Get the picture?

Let me explain. When you’re ill, your breathing pattern alters. If that incorrect breathing pattern continues for a significant time after recovery from the illness, it then becomes an illness in its own right, known as Chronic Habitual Hyperventilation Syndrome.

In my book ‘Your Panic Free Life’ I list the symptoms that can present with HVS, including panic attacks. Regrettably, HVS does not show up in any tests or examinations, which is a reason highly qualified health professionals regularly dismiss chronic hyperventilators as being neurotic, a hypochondriac, or frequently make a wrong diagnosis of anxiety. And now, it seems highly likely that HVS is being wrongly diagnosed as Long Covid.

Meanwhile, researchers continue their quest to find the cause and treatment for Long Covid and my breathing re-training programme continues to help people overcome panic attacks and eliminate other symptoms of Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome.

For more information to give you the opportunity to live Your Panic Free Life, check out Your Panic Free Life Breathing Re-Training Programme that led me from panic to recovery.

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