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AudioDramax : David Uystpruyst, Antoine Rouaud, Jean-Yves Blegiglio, Cédric Chalvet

Audiodramax est un collectif de créateurs de fictions sonores. Laissez-vous emporter, plongez au cœur d’enquêtes, d’aventures, de découvertes… De la Science-Fiction et du Fantastique en Podcast.
North Murphy High is just a normal high school in a normal town in middle America. Or… it was, right up until the end of the last school year, when, well… Surviving the apocalypse is hard enough, to begin with. So is getting through high school in one piece. Trying to do both at the same time? Ugh. Murphy’s End is a weekly peek into the lives of the last remaining survivors as told through the morning announcements at the local high school. Because between the ongoing food shortage, the roam ...
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Pendulum can help you develop a backstory for a settlement that spans about 500 years. You can use it for game prep or for writing fiction. I've used it for Season 2 of TOTM and in this episode, I sit down with Steve Morrison of Errant Adventures to demonstrate the tool. The result is pretty cool, but it is unrelated to the lore of TOTM and you can…
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