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Doug, Lefty & Red talk Tim Pool, Jack Murphy, Justice League and January 6. A man wraps meth around his penis, Lefty talks farts. A man fakes disability to get nurses to change his diaper. Baron Void returns. Woman who sells her farts in jars farts herself into the hospital. [EP394]
Doug talks about Spider-Man No Way Home and the lessons of Sony Pictures. A bouncer gets sexually assaulted by women. A model faints during sex on a plane. Bug-Man takes on some jewel thieves. A Florida teacher gets caught having sex with a student on SnapChat. [EP391]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
Doug, Lefty & Red fat the chew about South Park etc. A web cam model shoots her crotch. A homeless man burns down homeless shelter. Couple have sex in patrol car. Was Ceasarion Jesus? The Cruise season 2 finale and a Walmart customer gets sticky fingers. [EP388]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
Doug talks Rittenhouse verdict. Woman tries to use bra wire to escape jail. A man beats his boyfriend over dog humping. Man rapes elderly woman then falls asleep. Supergirl edits out lesbian kiss. The ship is searched in The Cruise! The Mayday Mystery Puzzle and a Texas mom strips naked for Only Fans! [EP387]…
Doug, Lefty & Red talk Biden,Squid Game,Halloween Kills,Dune and Batwoman. Perhaps But Maybe Not looks at a haunted house,A porn star sues other porn stars over bestiality claims. The Cruise receives a message. A porn star gets 10 years for murder. [EP382]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
Doug, Lefty & Red talk Biden, abortion, the Newsom recall and Shang-Chi. NY bail reform frees a serial pervert. Night Knight chases Bee Man while The Poser claims another victim. A fart bandit is let go and a volley ball coach gets busted for sexual assault on underage player. [EP374]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
Doug rants about Hurricane Ida, Afghanistan then about DC comics turning Robin and Superman gay. A Female correctional officer has sex with inmate. Another woman flashes her inmate boyfriend. Sun King receives a troubling assignment when the city is suddenly invaded by a UFO. Finally a woman pleasures herself on the beach. [EP373]…
Doug, Lefty & Red shoot the $#!T! A Disney Princess becomes a nude model on Only Fans. Night Knight recounts Maiden Mud’s origin story. Female correctional officer gets busted for having sex with inmate. Doug reviews Space 1999’s The Last Sunset. A woman crashes her car into a tree while having sex with a minor. [EP365]…
Doug Red & Lefty talk about Biden’s visit to Lake Charles etc. Florida woman’s lap dance offer puts her in cuffs. Lefty talks about black Superman. Red looks at a woman who beat her child for an Instagram video. Plus The Night Knight Mother’s Day Special! [EP357]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
Doug, Lefty & Red discuss Biden’s Address To Congress. Red states gain congressional seats. A man kills a man with a machete. Bubba Stargone explains how Spot became half human. A man claims meth was salt for his toe. Finally Doug talks about Netflix series Wild Wild Country. [EP356]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
Florida couple busted for explicit oral activity. Psych evaluation ordered for Florida man who violated stuffed animals. A woman smuggled a gun into jail hidden in a body cavity. Bubba Stargone reveals how his adventures began. Doug and Lefty review yet another episode of Space 1999. [EP351]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
Doug’s tired and so’s Biden. A sex offender gets busted with deep fried body parts. Night Knight takes on Bullfrog in a Night Knight classic. Perhaps But Maybe Not looks at an evil sunset. A lonely man beats off in a Walmart parking lot. Doug’s excited for Zack Snyder’s Justice League! [EP349]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
Doug talks about JJ Abrams Superman reboot. Florida man gets arrested for indecent Civil Rights protest. Florida woman stabs sister with epipen. Sun King and The Flea tackle a 30-foot chimp. A man beats off in a Florida Walmart parking lot out of loneliness. [EP347]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
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