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Doug, Lefty & Red discuss Shinzo Abe, Biden and oil. A woman blackmails her ex-girlfriend over Only Fans photos. Bug-Man confronts Dr. Chode! A woke coffee shop gets shutdown for not being woke enough. Doug talks about Compound Media firing Pat Dixon and Geno Bisconte’s injuries. [Ep420]
Doug, Lefty & Red talk Elon Musk buying Twitter, the Shanghai lock-down and the usual stuff. A woman batters her girlfriend with a cat. Bayou Crime Report looks at a mystery of missing scuba divers. A daughter beats her father over a sex toy. Dr. Spectacular and the Flea hunt an alien lizard king. A woman sells meth because she can’t find a job. [E…
Doug, Lefty & Red discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A woman exchanges vape pens for sex with underage boys. Baron Void is at the mercy of Captain Rook. A man molests 10 yr old then identifies as woman and gets a light sentence. A congressional candidate gets drunk and pukes on little girls. [EP401]…
Doug, Lefty & Red talk Tim Pool, Jack Murphy, Justice League and January 6. A man wraps meth around his penis, Lefty talks farts. A man fakes disability to get nurses to change his diaper. Baron Void returns. Woman who sells her farts in jars farts herself into the hospital. [EP394]
Doug talks about Spider-Man No Way Home and the lessons of Sony Pictures. A bouncer gets sexually assaulted by women. A model faints during sex on a plane. Bug-Man takes on some jewel thieves. A Florida teacher gets caught having sex with a student on SnapChat. [EP391]Autor: Bob Levy / Radio Misfits
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