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Calvary Chapel Lake Buena Vista

"Equipping The Saints" is the multimedia ministry of Calvary Chapel Lake Buena Vista@WDW Florida. The verse by verse teaching through the Word of God will help you study the entire counsel of scripture.
Click here to watch the latest sermons: To support this ministry and help us make a deeper impact here in our community, check out: We exist to live and love like Jesus. This is the mission of Calvary Christian Church, led by Scott Beckenhauer in the Omaha, NE Metro. —— Stay Connected: Website: Calvary Christian Church Facebook: Calvary Christian Church Instagram: Calvary C ...
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This week, Pastor Kevin explains why we need to be connected to the king, what being connected makes us capable of, and how we maintain this connection. Grab your Bibles, notebooks and pens. Jesus wants to speak to you through this word today. For more from Calvary, visit our website: or follow us on social media: @calvaryorlando…
Psalms 51 PDF Manuscript: Spiritual Awakening - Brokenness Unchecked sin can only lead to a hard heart. We can begin to unpack the truth of this statement with a familiar story. Once, there were two men: a rich man and a poor man. The rich man was very rich. He had abundant wealth, flocks, and herds. On the other hand, the poor man was very poor. T…
A single person can make the difference!Check below for important links!Digital Connect Card: Page: Group: prayer? h…
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