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Mike's Always Right—hosted by Mike Eiman—is high in fiber, and jam packed with inane ramblings about fiction writing, self-publishing, marketing, coffee and whatever else happens to strike Mike's fancy.
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I've decided to apply my newly developed audio production skills to kick things up a notch. And with great power comes great responsibility. This episode is all about making your podcast intro shine.Autor: Mike Eiman
What is the best way to approach writing your first novel? Should you follow advice from great writers like Ray Bradbury, Stephen King or J.K. Rowling? Or should you do something different? Does it help to buy books and courses? Let's find out.Autor: Mike Eiman
In this episode, Mike talks about the key to planning and predicting your future. How many times have you known in your gut that you should do something? Years go by and you realize you could have been ahead of everyone else if you’d just listened to your intuition.(Note: I’m probably going to follow my own advice and take a hiatus from Mike’s Alwa…
What's your "Inner Garage" and where can you find it? Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Marc Maron found theirs. In this episode, Mike talks about you can push yourself to be more creative using concepts from Robert Cialdini's book "Pre-Suasion."Autor: Mike Eiman
In Episode 9, I talk about how to set big, audacious goals for my New Year's Resolutions. I also talk about my philosophy for setting goals, and where I envision Mike's Always Right going in 2018.Website: http://www.mikeeiman.comFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/mikeeimanauthorTwitter: http://www.twitter.com/mikeeimanInstagram: http://www.instagram…
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… Mike digs into the controversy about the new Star Wars movie, "The Last Jedi." He covers his personal history with the films and dissects the story of the new one. Just remember that Mike's always right. Warning: This episode contains spoilers.Autor: Mike Eiman
Holy mackerel! Mike talks about why Gary Vaynerchuk's Airplane Project matters for authors. He also discusses how he dealt with a recent comment from an internet troll. The show wraps up with a summary of what Mike's working on and praises for the 20BooksTo50k Facebook group.Autor: Mike Eiman
Hot potato! Mike's cookin' up some neat stuff in the literary kitchen. He just finished his first audiobook. It was hectic but it came with a bunch of life lessons. Mike's also using his marketing know-how to approach his next book from a whole new angle.Autor: Mike Eiman
Hang onto your wigs and keys! In this episode, Mike talks about his recent work designing a book for renowned dog trainer Sean O'Shea. Mike also talks about his efforts to produce an audiobook. He ends the show with a discussion of the future of audio and print books.Autor: Mike Eiman
Holy moly! In this episode, Mike talks about his belief that poorly written and poorly formatted books written by scammers will eventually lose. Amazon wants the best books to rise to the top. Mike also urges listeners to find their "unfair advantage" and hone their skills to stand out in crowded markets.…
Hear ye, hear ye! While trying to figure out how to make the podcast sound more professional, Mike comes to some profound realizations about the importance of going back to the basics in any creative line of work. He also shares his thoughts about Scott Adams' new book "Win Bigly" and the concept of the Talent Stack. Mike also ties it all together …
In this episode of Mike's Always Right, Mike talks about his failed experiment trying to write and produce a radio drama. He also urges struggling writers and artists to learn about business by selling stuff on eBay. It may sound stupid, but remember: Mike's Always Right.Autor: Mike Eiman
In the first episode of Mike's Always Right, Mike tells you a little bit about himself and his goals for this podcast. Then he jumps into the importance of caring about people when you manage your social media presence. He closes the program with a discussion of Seth Godin's classic marketing book Purple Cow, and how it ties in with one of Mike's l…
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