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It's been two years since COVID shut down our schools, closed up our businesses, and sent everyone home to wait out what we thought would be two weeks of isolation. We're looking at what has changed and what is still the same in this non-political exploration of life in the wake of COVID.Autor: Modern Musings
Sometimes a conversation can go for hours because there's so much that needs to be said. This is a continuation of the Eckhart Tolle discussion from January 5 that includes the topics of victim mentality, identity, yielding to what is, and living in the present moment.Autor: Modern Musings
Hello and and welcome to my first podcast, Modern Musings on Motherhood (aka MOM). This is my slightly nutty, always honest and, hopefully humorous intro and take on motherhood. It's perfect timing as its Mother's Day tomorrow. Listen in to real life mamahood in the raw.
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