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Nolan Knows college football gambling podcast providing insight, breakdowns and reviews of each weeks games along with picks, competitions, and laughs! Like/ comment/ tweet/ subscribe/ download at my twitter @cmeds11. Will read comments and like to see what picks you all are riding.
Meet New Orleans one resident at a time. Planet NOLA offers irreverent and authentic insight into this weird and wonderful city. Hosted by local personality Mary Jacobs, it features a who’s who of local hustlers, artists, entrepreneurs, and community advocates. The conversations range from pure comedy to deep takes on the city’s political, economic, and social landscape. New Orleans is a whole world on its own, so join us in exploring it.
Nola Babes

Nola Babes


You can either sip on some wine or go grab some beignets, but you don’t wanna miss what the babes have to say!! Join the 4 babes Di’Jon, Wesleigh, Ayana, and Chelsey as they talk women empowerment, relationships, New Orleans culture, and so much more!
Welcome to the Stephen Nolan Audio channel. BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC One. Stephen will use this to communicate personally with you and you will also find key audio from his radio and tv shows. To contact the show: Stephen direct: Twitter: @stephennolan
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Whatever we tolerate becomes the culture of our life, and this is why it's vitally important to intentionally make the choice to stop tolerating things that separate us from Jesus. In this sermon Pastor Monte unpacks Jesus' Letter to the church in Thyatira from Revelation 2, and teaches us the reward for being Spiritually intolerant. Support the sh…
Jesus wrote a letter to the church in Pergamos. He recognized their situation, because He saw exactly where they lived. In fact, He planted them where they were for His Purpose. He also saw the areas where they were compromising, so He provided them a pathway back into effective ministry. In this sermon Pastor Monte encourages us to confront the co…
Jesus wrote a letter to the church in Smyrna. He let them know that He knew exactly what they were going through. He also Called them to change their mind about how they saw themselves, because despite what they were facing, He saw them through the lens of His Abundance. In this sermon Pastor Monte encourages us to look for the Hand of Jesus workin…
Jesus wrote a letter to the church in Ephesus. He told them all the things that they were doing correctly, but He also let them know that despite all their accomplishments they had drifted away from their first love. In this sermon Pastor Monte challenges us respond to Jesus' Call to return to our relationship with Him. Support the show…
This sermon is the introduction to the second section of our Revealed series through the Book of Revelation. In this sermon Pastor Monte introduces the seven churches in Asia Minor that Jesus highlighted in His Prophecy to the apostle, John. These churches show us a lot of our church community, but also about each believer as an individual. Support…
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