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Which Way's Up

A game where the host Bri tests Layne's knowledge of words by asking him to give a words definition purely with the word itself and 3 Clues. Can he do it. Word Play is Presented by Which Ways Up. Hosted By: Bri Word Guesser: Layne Audio: Layne Sound Engineering Consultant: Niko Torres Cover Art: Oliviathedoodlebug Theme: Joyie Lai
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Power Word Fail is a fantasy actual play D&D 5e podcast powered by lush character dynamics, arcane mystery, and the hilarity of the players’ table. Take arms and take heed: all actions have consequences in the world of Power Word Fail. Our first campaign, Chosen of the Crystal Crown, is helmed by DM Cody Smith, with cast members Tyrell Nye, Austin Brady, Nathan Heard, Andi Casuras, Katie Franks, and Ian Davis. This is a Homebrew Podcast. Learn more at actualplaypods.com You can support the s ...
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