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VLOG: After US v. Barrack / #UAE agent trial Day 3 in #EDNY, stand-up outside #EDNY courthouse as Barrack leaves (him trying to avoid a press gaggle about an unrelated church robbery in Brooklyn). Stories soon on and Patreon
VLOG: US v. Trevor Milton re-starts, US v. Barrack UAE trolls n' bots; Spacey wants to limit Dr Roccio (was of US in trial of #GhislaineMaxwell, who was supported by UN and @AntonioGuterres , the censor
VLOG: As Trevor Milton wants exhibits in, & Tom Barrack wants US expert out, #DeutscheBank offers $26M to settle case citing #JeffreyEpstein, while UN to which he & Gmax were linked ends #UNGA circus with Press banned
VLOG: US v. Milton of Nikola, social media spat / SPAC; US v. Barrack, UAE & Egypt; EDNY Mag Court still masked; #UNGA replies Iran & Morocco & @MelissaFleming flack at/for #Microsoft
VLOG, #EDNY edition: US v. Barrack (#UAE Agent), Day 2, with US expert Davidson on Libya, Yemen and Egypt (Morsi); @StateDept McGuire on visas including Iran at #UNGA - where @USUN praises UAE, does nothing on UN censorship. 2d in a series
VLOG: US v. Milton, Trevor wants to ban Robinhood-ers' testimony; US v. Barrack, Grimes brought smoothies for sheikhs. #UNGA circus, from Zelenskyy to Biden to @JustinTrudeau faker presser, UNCA rolled
VLOG, #EDNY edition: After US v. Barrack (UAE agent) trial, Day 1, stand up in Cadman Plaza. Co-defendant Grimes committed no crimes - his lawyer tells jury. Inner City Press is covering the case, while @USUN & UNSG heap praise on UAE
VLOG: US v. Milton, Trevor said will only talk if Press reports both sides (we do); UAE Barrack #EDNY; #UNGA circus Day 1 had BZ, #Qatar censors, Yan RMI, CAR raped by UN, @AntonioGuterres bans Press, Biden Day 2
VLOG: US v. Milton, #Nikola's Russell on the stand $NKLA; #EDNY has #UAE lobbyist Barrack and Dearie on Mar-a-Lago, #UNGA has hypocrisy of @AntonioGuterres , Biden in NYC 530 fundraiser, UN tomorrow
VLOG: US v. Milton, water fountain gushing, Mark Russell delay; UN-linked fraudster St Clair gets 42 months; Iran's Raisi is sued for torture days before #UNGA week, @USUN & Sison talk but leave US-based Press banned?
VLOG: US v. Trevor Milton, fights about podcasts & text messages, slipping out to Old Slip; UNSG @AntonioGuterres narrow-casts in Portuguese while banning Inner City Press from #UNGA week
VLOG: US v. Trevor Milton of $NKLA, before openings, reflections on Musk @SDNYLIVE , also… while @UN_PGA Korosi, same as the old boss on censorship and opacity?
VLOG: US v. Milton $NKLA trial, jury selection; Kevin Spacey wants to unseal Rapp sexual history; Iran spy Afrasiabi gets plea deal; UNGA access blocked, @UN_PGA Csaba Kőrösi in (on it?)
VLOG: $NKLA Trevor Milton was not offered any plea; Raji was offered 51 months but said no, missed his subway stop; trials begin. UN weak humans Volker Turk, Inner City Press applied to @UNMediaLiaison to cover #UNGA
VLOG: #Nikola fraud prosecution of Trevor Milton, after final pre-trial conference. Video of the fake e-truck will come in, as well as testimony about investing in meme stocks during COVID. Inner City Press will cover the trial, next week
VLOG: After Bannon in the street, in @SDNYLIVE #Nikola's Milton, Archegos' Hwang; Isabella Pollok's easy plea, sex trafficking in UN, DRC & beyond as @USAmbUN talks reform while UN bans Press
VLOG: Sarah Lawrence sex cult co-defendant Pollok plea; Josh Schulte after prison complaints comes to court; #OneCoin Armenta to NY, Honduras cover up, UN briber shirks legal fees, UNSG bans Press from UNGA
VLOG: In #NarcosHonduras case, bid to withdraw Ardon motion Inner City Press filed to unseal; NDIL court no #RKelly trial today, UN rapist, UN scammer Cary Yan; UN bogus UNGA press access rules should be sued
VLOG: For Dershowitz depo, sealed filing; Uzbek laundering guilty & remanded as Ketanji Brown Jackson @SDNYLIVE , UN failure on Ukraine expanded by @FranceONU censor @NdeRiviere
VLOG: Jail tales: Josh Schulte laptop seized, hearing Sept 7, no bulb #EDNY; Yoga To The People blow by blow, UNSG hypocrisy on #Uighur genocide, UN sex trafficking in #DRC
VLOG: UAE spy Barrack cites My Cousin Vinny, Uzbeks launder money b/c corruption; UN diplomat rapist Q dodged by UN, ignored by @StateDeputySpox like 9/11 victims case @SDNYLIVE
VLOG: Ashley Biden diary guilty plea by Kurlander & Harris, 1st AM spectrum; money laundering via TD Bank in @SDNYLIVE trial, rape by UN Diplomat from SouthSudan UNacted on by @USUN or @AntonioGuterres
talks but no action on UN's censorship…VLOG: Russian fake LGBTQ asylum plea, unseal Dirty Doc Cruciani RIP and Honduras Salguero, UN covers up rape by #SouthSudan UN ambassador,@StateDept
VLOG: Trials, terrorism Saipov voicemail, WBTW Shea on venue, $NKLA Milton motions denied. UN corruption on #Colombia, murky #UNGA, @MelissaFleming no answer to @QuinnEmanuel letter:
VLOG: Corporate drug dealer Doud of Rochester Co-op wants no jail time, smaller fry gets 108 months even with safety valve. Unsealed EDNY video, UN human rights travesty, no answer to @QuinnEmanuel letter
VLOG: Citibank sued by Mayaguez, trial, after rhino 63 month sentence draws UK comment, censorship by UN @MelissaFleming no answer to @QuinnEmanuel
VLOG: NarcosHonduras motions on Ardon Inner City Press files to unseal; UN failure day ahead incl K&L Gates Dennis, Federal Reserve and @EDNYnews ordered to release most of video we opposed sealing of
VLOG: Team Assange case assigned @SDNYLIVE , @EDNYnews belated gives partial information on Mafia takedown (not on China spies); in UN, #Ukraine was cut off for China while talking nukes
VLOG: Case against #ElSalvador for torture slowed, Cruciani dead, Team Assange sues CIA in @SDNYLIVE ; UN no comment incl on #Kenya; @EDNYnews stonewall on China spy Angwang but 5 pm deadline on secrecy
VLOG: Michael K. Williams killing near-empty pre-trial conference; EDNY circus of Russian hacker, and secret sentencing memos, no answers from @EDNYnews spox @Marzullij . Burma hits ASSK with 6 more years, UN @AntonioGuterres silent, hides info on UNGA 2022
VLOG: Wrongfully imprisoned Richard Rosario awarded $5M; Larry Ray delay, $NKLA CTO, China buys UNSG @AntonioGuterres , while @EDNYnews spox @Marzullij no answer on Ziburis victims, EDNY claims sentencing memo not a judicial document [?!?]
VLOG: Death penalty on table for Saipov @SDNYLIVE , crypto Eddy Alexandre, #EminiFX investors, Haiti and UN failure, Russian hacker, no answers from @EDNYnews @Marzullij on Run-DMC murder case
VLOG: Kevin Spacey pre-trial deposition; Josh Schulte laptop seized, no replacement; corruption from NYS to UNSG @AntonioGuterres in S Korea; murky @EDNYnews on indicted "juvenile male," Venezuela narco free, Run-DMC murder conference previewed (now cancelled)
VLOG: For Trump death threat, Schlager free on bond; man jailed 20 years threatens City lawyer by urinal @SDNYLIVE; UN "Antonio" censors Inner City Press in EU; @EDNYnews selective info on narco, Ng, #RKelly & #FettyWap? (series)
VLOG: Azrak scoop, trials, Joshua Schulte CJA on duty and Viktor Bout trade offer after life of running guns WITH the UN system, carrying UN peacekeepers who rape and now murder with impunity, UN @AntonioGuterres refuses comment, bans Press, more coming…
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