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Not Another Origin Story! The Comic Book Movie Podcast

Ben Chapman & Matthew 'Pogues' Metzger

Has Hollywood ruined your favorite comic book franchise? Don't fret, because Not Another Origin Story is here to critique the plot-holes, commend the casting, and certify the source material. Comedians Ben and Pogues, along with a passionate guest or two, assemble with their best jokes and sharpest opinions to take on every comic book film one by one. Subscribe today so you can download, listen, comment, and argue with us! New episodes Thursdays.
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Ben and Pogues watch 30 Days of Night: Dark Days (of Night which is a Dark Day). They talk wasted story points, the weird sit in a room in the dark to surprise someone you just want to talk with, hard to wear mouth pieces and question the upsetting sex scene.Autor: Ben Chapman & Matthew 'Pogues' Metzger
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