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Nina Putnis of The Lancet Global Health speaks to Dr Martha Mushi and Dr Dominique Green about their research assessing the impact of multidimensional poverty on the self-medication and non-adherence of antibiotics in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and the links to antimicrobial resistance.Autor: The Lancet
Nina Putnis from The Lancet Global Health discusses resource requirements and essential services for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) with Dr David Watkins, including implications for low-income countries, the importance of political will, and what this means in the context of COVID-19.Autor: The Lancet
Portuguese version: Marilia Arndt Mesenburg junta-se à Lancet Global Health para discutir um artigo que estuda como o acesso a cuidados de saúde reprodutiva, materna, e infantil varia de acordo com grupos étnicos na América Latina e no Caribe.Autor: The Lancet
Spanish version: María Clara Restrepo Méndez se une a Lancet Global Health para discutir un artículo que estudia cómo el acceso a servicios de salud reproductiva, materna e infantil varía segun los grupos étnicos en América Latina y el Caribe.Autor: The Lancet
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