How to Start a Podcast Editing Business


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Starting a podcast editing business might seem like a lot, but if you really take a look at what you need, it is not actually that much!

To start a podcast editing business, you need three things. First you need a way to get customers. A business is not a business without them! Second, you need a DAW, or a digital audio workstation. This is your editing software that enables you to make the edits you need to make. Finally, you need editing skill. This takes time to develop, but it is what your entire business is based upon.

Let’s start with the first thing, getting customers. Getting customers and building your customer base can be divided into two parts. You might have heard of them. They are called marketing and sales. Nowadays, a lot of people are throwing these terms around, without really knowing what they mean. Simply put, marketing is sending your message to your ideal clients. This can be done by just reaching out on social media, or through advertisements. Marketing is very important, because to get more customers, potential customers have to know that you exist! The next part is sales. Sales is turning those people who are interested in what you do, into clients. This might involve getting on a Zoom call with them, or even meeting with them in person to discuss what you do. If you don't do sales or marketing, it will be very hard to get new customers.

Here is how I get new customers. First, I find an ideal client that I would want to work for. Then I reach out to them, either through Facebook or Email, and send them an audit of their podcast. What I do for these audits is simple. I take a two to three minute clip of their podcast, and I record myself showing what edits I would make, and what it sounds like afterwards. That is how I get myself out there to my ideal clients. Then, if the podcaster in interested, I get on a Zoom call with them to discuss what my services are, and how much I charge. It up to them to decide if they want to work with me. That’s it!

Now the second thing, your DAW. I shouldn’t have to explain why you need editing software. It’s impossible to edit without it! There are a lot of options out there, but here are a few that might work for you. Audacity is a free option (It’s also what I use). It has plenty of features, and right now is all that I need for editing. Another is Hindenburg. It is a solid DAW, but it’s not free. It costs $400 for a one time purchase, or $10/month. And there is also Premier Pro. Premier is like the top of all DAWs, but might not be worth the $20/month to use it. Choosing a DAW is really up to you, and I highly recommend that you do your research on them.

Moving on to the last thing, editing skill. Being able to edit a podcast is a skill that develops over time. It takes time, effort, and a lot of practice. Here is what I recommend: Spend some time in YouTube academy. Watch other people do their thing, and try it for yourself. Get some practice audio clips and do your best to edit them. Once you feel like you can do some editing, offer to edit a friend’s podcast for free, and then ask for their feedback. This is a huge way to get better. Here’s the thing though. You won’t ever feel like you are a good editor, and that is alright. Never stop learning and practicing, and when you feel confident enough, find a client and start working for them! Then find another and another, and you will find that you have a legit podcast editing business!

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