3 Tips to get more coaching clients with Timbo Reid #4


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Get More Coaching Clients.

more coaching clients

more coaching clients

In this episode I speak with the Founder of the podcast Small Business Big Marketing Tim Reid. Tim shares 3 must haves for any new coaches when looking at attracting more coaching clients to you practice.

After 10 years as ad guy, Tim cleansed his soul for a couple of years by helping Melbourne-based not-for-profit, Reach Youth, bring to life their biggest fundraiser ever.

It was at Reach that Tim had an ah-ha moment. You see, whilst he was filling a marketing role, he also loved mentoring some of the young Reach kids – and he remember thinking Damn, maybe he should be a teacher like John Keating … Robin William’s character in Dead Poet’s Society! That idea took shape … but I wasn’t quite ready to make the leap into my own business.

Listen to this episode and for more than 270 episodes on small business marketing tips that won’t break the bank visit www.smallbusinessbigmarketing.com

This interview is short and sweet and it will give you 3 tips on where to get more coaching clients.

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00:19 Introduction
04:28 Three limiting beliefs
07:02 Desire and passion
13:30 Taking risks
15:37 Marketing steps


Intro 0:04
You’re listening to The mBraining Show, a show about the new field of mBIT, where you’ll get a blend of neuroscience-based research with practical applications for wise living. And now, here’s your host, Bill Gasiamis.


Timbo 0:19
G’day everybody and welcome to another episode of The mBraining Show. I am your host, Bill Gasiamis. And thanks for tuning into mBIT radio. If you’ve heard about em branding and you want to know more, then you’ve come to the right place, because that’s exactly why the show was created. mBIT or multiple brain integration techniques is the coaching modality that coaches not only to your clients head brain, but also to their heart and gut-brain.

Bill 0:48
And when you become an mBIT certified coach, you will evolve your coaching practice and stand out from the crowd because now you’ll have a point of difference from your competitors. This episode of The mBraining Show is brought to you by mBrainingaustralia.com.au one of the world’s leading mBIT coach certification providers.

Bill 1:10
If you are in Australia, and you want to know when the next coach certification is running, type in braining australia.com.au into your browser. And check out the latest details and the latest dates of upcoming coach certifications. So on to today’s episode. Do you struggle to market your coaching business?

Bill 1:36
Well struggle no more. Today’s guest is Timbo Reid from Small Business Big Marketing. And Tim shed some light of some of the Small Business big marketing tips that won’t set you back a heap of money. Tim Reid is the founder and host of Australia’s and New Zealand’s number one business and marketing podcast, The Small Business Big Marketing Show.

Bill 1:59
Having launched his hit program six years ago now ranks on iTunes above the Australian Stock Exchange. Alan Jones, that’s the grumpy Alan Jones on the radio in Sydney and Apple’s own podcast and even outranks Harvard Business School as the number one business podcast.

Bill 2:21
Well, that’s pretty impressive. Tim has built a global audience of motivated business owners in 110 countries. And as soon to be a published author. For the past seven years, Tim has been successfully running his own marketing business. Prior to which he was the marketing manager for Flight Center and also spent 10 years working in Australia’s largest advertising agency looking after the advertising needs of Gillette AXA Yellow Pages and Dulex.

Bill 2:54
Tim travels the world, having spoken in eight countries in the past 12 months, showing business owners and marketers how to implement modern marketing methods, gaining success and increasing profits without spending a fortune. He believes there has never been a better time to market your business ever. Now on with the show. Welcome to the show, Tim Reid.

Timbo 3:21
Billy G. it is an absolute pleasure to be here. Thanks for having me.

Timbo 3:25
Right, thank you for making yourself available, I really do appreciate it is an honor to have the person who I suppose through your podcast encouraged me to start my own podcast and get the community that I belong to sort of bring it closer and bring all the ideas that we have and all the learnings that we can share, bring it out, you know, to everyone in the community. So I really appreciate that mate.

Timbo 3:53
Good on you. Good? Well, good on you for starting a podcast many days. Many think about it. It’s like a whole lot of marketing channels available to small business owners these days, there’s, there’s a lot of them. And it can cause a bit of overwhelm. So the fact that you’ve started one, and that you’re helping a community is a wonderful thing.

Timbo 4:11
Yeah, I actually can relate to the overwhelm team. It took me about six months to really stop telling myself the stories that people tell themselves about why things can’t be done or why it’s too hard. And I finally stopped listening to my head and I just followed the heartmate and got it done.

Three limiting beliefs

Timbo 4:29
Bill is three limiting beliefs that hold back for business owners from cranking out really great effective marketing. I think it’s going to be too expensive. I think it’s going to take a whole lot of time. And I think it’s going to be really technical in nature and the quicker they lose those limiting beliefs and adopt a production not a perfection attitude. They’ll actually start to get some stuff done.

Timbo 4:53
Yeah. Look, small business. Big marketing has been really an eye opener for me now. is the name of your podcast, small business, big marketing. And your bio was pretty impressive. What I’m curious to know is, what was it that made you decide to leave the corporate world and smart small business? Big marketing six years ago?

Timbo 5:17
Yeah, good question, Bill, I have just this unbelievable deep respect for small business owners, I love them. I come from an I come from a family of employees. My dad worked at the bank all his life, no one owns their own business.

Timbo 5:35
So for me to take that leap into small business was a big one, which I did eight years ago when I left corporate. And the reason I did that was because in my corporate job, and I was the marketing manager at Flight Center, I worked at a big advertising agency. But when I was confronted with a small business owner who had a marketing question, I listen, by were appreciative.

Timbo 5:58
And I actually went in action when I had decided that’s pretty good. Because generally incorporate you sit in meetings. And then at the end of the meeting, someone says, Hey, why don’t we have another meeting? It’s like, where does that guy. S

Timbo 6:14
o the idea of actually all of a sudden, having this group of people called small business owners, who are incredibly brave and courageous and passionate about making, making it work, I thought they are for me, I want to be one of them. And I want to help them.

Timbo 6:30
So that’s how it’ll work again. And then the Small Business big Marketing Show is my It started off with my as a way for me to get back. Yeah. And to have some fun, I always wanted to have a radio show. On Friday, I’ve got a great head for right. But the idea of like, okay, that’s my way of giving back. It’ll be some fun, I can help educate people, and all of a sudden became a business in itself.

Desire and passion

Timbo 7:02
Yeah, that’s amazing, actually. So it sort of came out of passion, right, more of a desire just to give back and sort of share your knowledge. And as a result of that kind of the byproduct became the that it’s a business now.

Timbo 7:21
You might I mean, I’m, I live corporate ideas ago, I became a marketing consultant. Two years after that, I started this podcast, which all of a sudden, for whatever reason, it developed a big audience around the world. And people wanted to sponsor it, and it became cashflow positive.

Timbo 7:43
And then on, I got picked up by a speaker’s bureau, who then sent me to conferences all around the world and continue to do so direct as a direct result of simply starting a podcast to market my business.

Timbo 7:58
You know, that’s just how it works. if the coaches listening to this bill, can get the idea that there are some modern marketing channels out there like podcasting, like video marketing, like social media, like self publishing, that allow us to create our own media, and our own platforms to market ourselves, then their worlds can change.

Timbo 8:22
And that won’t change just because they’re going to get more clients, they will change because other revenue streams will start to show themselves. I’ve started a forum. Yeah, I have an online forum, because I’ve got all these listeners around the world There was saying, How can we get more of you Timbo?

Timbo 8:39
I’m like, why me to wherever you are, but that’s not going to happen. So now I have a forum where people pay 69 bucks a month, and we talk marketing. So it’s amazing what happens when you just lean into this marketing stuff.

Timbo 8:53
I love it. I love that and lane in analogy, right? So what I love also when reading your bio, and sort of getting to know a little bit about you Was that your stats are pretty impressive, right? I especially enjoyed reading that your show ranks on iTunes higher than the Australian Stock Exchange.

Bill 9:12
The sometimes grumpy Alan Jones and Apple’s own podcast now that was a big one for me. So you’ve been able to just decide one day you’re going to get a podcast up and running and now your podcast ranks higher than Apple’s own podcast What’s all that about? My I don’t reckon it started off that way at the beginning did it?

Timbo 9:39
You know, I love that step to my ego just you know. Now that fit in the room, I know. What it proves is that small businesses like you and I can now punch way above our marketing weight.

Timbo 9:57
We the playing field, the marketing landscape has changed so significantly that we can now we can compete against the big guys without having to spend a fortune on. And I just think that’s just so exciting. You know that the fact? You know, we are like I am I am competing against guys like that. And you can do.

Timbo 10:20
Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I love about it. I love that weekend too. And, you know, it’s a bit daunting at the beginning, especially when I know that this is Episode Four in our podcast, I know that there are probably 60 people listening at the moment. And I’m hoping that that’s going to be far greater later on.

Bill 10:37
But it’s a bit daunting thinking that you’re putting a lot of work and a lot of effort in and you’re only getting, you know, 60 listeners, but I’m leaning in mate and I’m trusting that it’s going to grow.

Timbo 10:49
Yeah, I think this type of marketing. So for example, podcasting, it is a bit of a marathon. It’s not a sprint. So you know, don’t look at the scoreboard, don’t look at downloads, don’t look at audience numbers don’t look at, please, I haven’t got any email from any listeners, you know, like, that’ll just be soul-destroying. But, you know, do this for six months, and then start looking at the scoreboard and I think it’ll be a different story.

Timbo 11:12
Yeah. Awesome. So you’ve interviewed a lot of people doing amazing marketing. And I’m going to put you on the spot a little bit here. Can you recall just one that blew you away with their approach? And what did they do?

Timbo 11:26
Ah, it’s a good question. It’s an unfair question. Up to Episode 269. one that comes to mind is a lady by the name of Melissa Coker. And Melissa. She owns a very, very small fashion label in Los Angeles. She was approached by a fashion show in LA, asking whether she’d like to have her clothes on the runway for a fee. And she couldn’t afford the fee.

Timbo 11:59
They said, Would you like to just run a video out in the in the foyer before people go in? She said, I haven’t got a video. That’s it once again, one more break. So she said okay. And she went away and contacted a friend of hers who’s a film director in LA. And they’ll be out shortly.

Bill 12:18
Beautiful, beautiful. Yeah.

Timbo 12:20
She went and they sat and they had a coffee, I think they might have had a soy frappuccino.

Timbo 12:28
Without sugar mate without sugar.

Timbo 12:31
And they came up with the idea of a video, which long story short, is called first kiss. And it’s the most viral marketing video the world has ever seen. And it was basically 10 people brought into a film studio and didn’t know each other and didn’t know why they were being brought in.

Timbo 12:53
They had to kiss each other for the first time. It’s not ike soft porn, it’s not, it was beautifully shot. And it captures the reactions of the people before, during and after these kisses. And the people are wearing this Melissa’s clothing from the fashion label.

Timbo 13:10
And she had like 69 million views in the first two weeks with 43,000 comments when I interviewed her while she’d sold out of her screen range. And she was now on the map. And the video cost two and a half $1,000. And that was mainly in the higher of the camera.

Bill 13:27
Wow that is amazing.

Taking risks

Timbo 13:30
Yeah, I think it is. And, you know, she didn’t set out to make a viral video he set out to create a beautiful piece of film, which she gave. And what is amazing is that she just drew on her resources. She knew a film director, the people in the video actors and models, but they didn’t know what they were doing.

Timbo 13:50
But they were friends of hers. And, you know, I see this a lot. Not that. I mean, that’s extreme, but just see small business owners taking risks and having the courage to do things differently. And they get those kind of results. So you know, I love it.

Timbo 14:06
Yeah, that’s brilliant. So I saw that video. And I didn’t know that it was about fashion or bad anything else. But it really made a big impression when I saw it. And I didn’t really know what I was watching. I thought it was just a great social experiment.

Timbo 14:21
Yeah, well, you know, interesting, and I also thought that when I first saw it, so there was a flaw in that video. Despite its huge success. The flaw was simply that her branding was pretty poor.

Timbo 14:32
But that’s cool. She still achieve what she wanted to achieve. You got a video on a fashion show, she sold out of a spring range. She’s now got a name that she didn’t have before. And you know, next time she might show Well, maybe she knows better next year. Maybe she keeps doing what she’s doing.

Timbo 14:48
Yeah, well 69 million views mate it can be doing that much wrong. Look, our coaches that listen to this program and the trainers they all have fledgling businesses, most of them And a lot of them come across from other businesses that they’ve sort of started and sort of almost got going.

Bill 15:08
And marketing is a big issue and getting themselves known and noticed is a big issue. And I was wondering whether or not let’s say, you know, there’s only three things that you must do at the beginning. Before you spend your money on things that aren’t worth it, what are the three must-haves that coaches and trainers need to have, if they aren’t going to do anything else in marketing?

Marketing steps

Timbo 15:37
There’s a wonderful marketing concept called message versus medium. And too many businesses jump into medium before worrying about message. So they go, I gotta get a website, I’ve got to be on Twitter, I’ve got to, I’ve got to get a slide deck that I use at networking events, maybe you do.

Timbo 15:53
But before that, figure out what you’re missing, do I get crystal clear on what you’re going to what you’ve got to say, what your niche is, what your offer is, who your ideal client is.

Timbo 16:03
And do that heart, though, do those hard yards, create packages that are easy for people to buy? And just get all that sorted out first, if that means writing your website content to help you act like that, or writing a four page brochure to help you get your message down and do that, do that be really specific.

Timbo 16:23
So that’s step one, the number of steps in step one, but work on getting your message right and your offer, right? Step two, get a website, you’ve got to get a website. And it’s sort of non negotiable. It’s the place where all that information can live. It’s a place where people can check you out.

Timbo 16:39
And a coach is a very personal service, and people will check you out. And then we’ll Google you, you are who Google says you are. So you want to rank well on Google, and the website will help you do that. The third step is and is not a marketing mindset, which is around helpful marketing.

Timbo 16:57
And what I mean by that is create marketing, that helps solve the problems of your clients and prospects. So the simple thing to do there is go and identify all the questions that your prospects have, that are relevant to you and your business, and go and answer them. answer them via a blog post or a series of videos or a podcast, or write a book.

Timbo 17:23
But create this amazing piece of helpful marketing that is going to position you that you as the most helpful coach going around in your niche. And give that away for free. Because people are going to love it. They’re going to share it, they’re going to talk about it. And it will encourage them to make contact with you to potentially become a client. So that’s not all you could do, but they would be a good first three steps.

Timbo 17:53
Yeah, they’re brilliant, mate. I know that that’s not all you could do, because you’ve got 267 episodes that we can tune into and listen. And you know what happened this morning? my podcast app stopped working. And I’m I don’t know what to do with myself. Right. I can’t listen to small business big marketing Podcast. It’s driving me nuts.

Timbo 18:13
Yeah, I heard. Yes, I was actually in a bus with someone in the Philippines just like I would call the deadlines and podcasts on the podcast that he’s got a bargain. I’m sure it’ll be sorted out pretty quickly. In fact, I’m sure that I’m sure the head honchos at Apple are listening to your show right now.

Timbo 18:35
No doubt about it. Look at as this, as this show wraps up, I just want to go back and touch on one last thing that you said about part three of answering questions for people. You said give away the the info for free. So what’s all that about? What do you mean? Give it away for free? How are we going to make money if we give away things for free?

Timbo 18:56
It’s a good question. And what I can tell you is that watching Jamie all of his show on the ABC for free, doesn’t make you a celebrity weed analogy, I know. But you’re still gonna want to buy his book, you still want to go to his restaurant, you still want to go to a stage show.

Timbo 19:18
So just give away that knowledge that you have, because it will help people become familiar with you know, people trust you, and encourage people to contact you. And I think too many business owners skirt around the issue of sharing their knowledge via these modern marketing channels because they think they’re giving away all their IP.

Timbo 19:40
This Bill, If you listen to all my episodes of the small business, big Marketing Show, you don’t need to interview me. You don’t need to go and see me speak on stage. You don’t need to join my forum. But guess what? People still want to interview me.

Timbo 19:55
People still want to book me to speak at their conferences, and people still join my forum. If they want to be a part of what you’ve created, so yeah, it’s a valid concern and what I hear all the time, but I don’t think it’s, I think you got to move on from it.

Timbo 20:10
I love this distinction between giving people your knowledge and the difference between that and giving away your IP big difference. Correct? Yeah. Awesome, mate. So look, I really do appreciate your time. I know you’re a busy man, with many episodes still to record and other people to interview. You’re welcome, mate. Before you go, tell us where? Where do people find your podcast?

Timbo 20:38
Go smallbusinessbigmarketing.com. And that’s where the podcast lives and they can join my forum. Or they can book me to speak at a conference over timboreid.com.au.

Timbo 20:50
Well, Tim, it was a pleasure getting to chat to you for 15 or 20 minutes or so it’s really an informative program. So for any coaches and trainers listening out there, jump onto the podcast, small business, big marketing, and team. Enjoy the lovely weather we’re having here in Melbourne, if you are in Melbourne. You Billy. Thanks, Mike. My pleasure, my boy.

Bill 21:17
So there you have it, guys. Hopefully, you enjoyed that episode, as much as I did. Isn’t Timbo a funny bloke. I really love listening to his podcast, actually, it’s a bunch of good fun, and a lot of really important information and useful information about how to market small businesses and be successful at it without spending a whole bunch of money.

Bill 21:43
So I just want to go over some of the take home messages from Tim and reiterate the three steps that he said that we need to do first when marketing a coaching business. And Firstly, and what seems to me to be one of the most important things is that we need to get our message right, we need to make sure that we are sending the right message to the people that we want to attract.

Bill 22:12
And make sure that they understand who we are, what it is that we do, and how we go about helping people. The next one, which is a bfo blinding flash of the obvious is good a website, which I would imagine that most people would have a website by now. But it might be a good time to look at getting it up upgraded a little bit or making it look a little more modern or, or making some changes to it.

Bill 22:39
So that you’ve got ways to capture people, and to attract people so that they live their details with you so that you can get in touch with them. Whenever you want to announce something or or make a contact with them and let them know what you’re offering.

Bill 22:55
And the third tip was make your marketing helpful, create marketing that helps solve the problems of your clients and your prospects. So you know, it makes sense that that’s what we’re there to do, it makes sense that we’re there to actually help solve people’s problems.

Bill 23:15
But sometimes we may not find the right way to tell the message. So it could be a good way to sort of begin the process now of refining the way you’re telling your message. And maybe you can bring somebody in to help you do that. So that’s tip number three. And the bonus tip that I took away from Tim, right at the very end there was to give it away for free.

Bill 23:40
So a bit of a weird concept at the beginning, in that what we’re giving away for free is our knowledge, we’re giving away our knowledge. And that’s a big difference from giving away our IP, because we don’t want to give away our IP for free, because then we won’t make any money. And by giving things away for free, it helps people to get to know you.

Bill 24:00
It helps people to trust you and encourage and it encourages people to contact you. And that’s what we want. We want to find ways to encourage people to contact us to see whether or not you know, we could work together whether would be a right match.

Bill 24:15
So since our chat with Tim actually went on to YouTube and had a look at the video first kiss that he mentioned, and you wouldn’t believe it. It’s had 107,326,999 views so far. So talk about an amazing marketing stunt there. Who would have thought that that video that these people would have got up and running would go viral and get that many hits.

Bill 24:50
And I think the channel has only got one video or very few videos on it and it’s got 190,000 subscribers. Which means that anytime somebody posts something to that YouTube channel from now on 190,000, people will get to see that post that was made to that to that YouTube channel. So talk about finding a way to reach a massive audience globally, that pretty much has done it for this organization.

Timbo 25:24
Tim is a really amazing guy, actually. And his podcast is really informative. And it’s a really good podcast, it’s an easy Listen, there’s not a lot of, you know, big language marketing language that we don’t understand. And if you’re into podcasts, or even if you’re not into podcasts, and you don’t do the whole iPhone thing, you should go to small business, big marketing.com.

Bill 25:50
And you should listen to Tim has more than 260 podcasts or not listen to all of them. But listen to the ones that actually take your fancy. And, and get a little bit of free marketing, g o LD, as Tim likes to call it. Also, if you’re interested in finding out more about Tim’s forum, the Small Business big marketing forum, there’s a link on his website as well where you can go and connect and find out about the forum.

Bill 26:22
And I think that’s where he gets people together, I think on a regular basis, and they talk about their wins and their successes. And they share information and good ideas about how to actually do small business, big marketing. So the forum is an online community. It’s filled with motivated business owners who share a common goal to build a business they love through highly effective marketing practices.

Bill 26:51
And membership takes you from being a business due out to a business owner. So once again, guys, this is bringing me to the end of another episode. And if you are in a country that does not currently have a mBit coach certification course being run, and you want to have one delivered where you live, then get in touch with me, I’d be happy to talk to you about how we might make that happen.

Bill 27:17
So go to mbrainingshow.com. That’s thembrainingshows.com website and fill out the contact form and I will be in touch. Also, if you need a speaker at your next event, drop me a line, visit Bill gasiamis.com. I’d love to talk to you about your event. There’s a online form there as well that you could fill out and get in touch with me. And Until the next episode. Thank you so much for listening to the embracing show, and for tuning in to mBit radio. By now.

Intro 27:54
The presenters and special guests of this podcast intend to provide accurate and helpful information to the listeners. These podcasts can not take into consideration individual circumstances and are not intended to be a substitute for independent medical advice from a qualified health professional.

Intro 28:12
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